Page: Aug2014-Group2

Assignment 1 

Tips and tricks in designing new logo and tagline -Jaeyson Suthesan Anan,I13003638

Visual elements used by eye-care campaigns –Nabila Farah, i13002785

Why movie clips are called “Trailers” Kabbilar Balachandran,i14004708

Ways and ideas is advertisement bundleZhandos Bigaliyev, I11009386


Assignment 2


Progress report : Bookmark

Progress report: Logo and design

Progress report : How to improve your vision

Progress report: advertisement bundle

Progress report: web banner and event bunting
























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One response to “ Aug2014-Group2 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    Animation – character design is important, more animating effects and background design are also needed, except Zhangos’s animation clip, good effect in the narration and animating effects, but more contents can still be added
    – bookmarks and posters need to provide common graphic format, not only in PSD
    – the ideas are good, but visual design can still be improved and be more consistent in presenting the ideas
    – no clear division of task, imcomplete progress reports (each member is supposed to write 3 reports at different time)
    – incomplete personal reflection (each member is supposed to write the personal reflection, guided by the questions given in Blackboard)