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Visual elements (colors, size, symbolic images) used by eyecare campaigns
by Kong Swee Yik I14004697

Tips and Tricks of designing used by eye care campaigns
by Lim Eu Gene I14004610

Content and effects in advertisement clip (for exhibition and presentation) used by eye care campaigns

by Yap Jing Siang I14004696

Ways and ideas in advertisement bundle

by Chong Kah Wai(I14004609)

Group Proposal

Eye Care Campaign

by Lim Eu Gene(I14004610),Kong Swee Yik I14004697,Yap Jing Siang I14004696 and Chong Kah Wai(I14004609)

Progress Report

by Lim Eu Gene I14004610

The progress Report of logo and tagline
by Kong Swee Yik I14004697

Week 12: Poster Design done!!!!

final poster


Working Progress

I designed the poster, I saw many samples of other’s event poster, I discovered that format of designing of posters are almost same. Thus, I designed poster with same concept.


First, I choose green color as background color because it is good for eyes.


Next, I put our event logo on the top of the poster.


Then, I designed the title of the event with using “Ravie” font.


Next, I listed out details of the event. For example, date, time and venue of the event.


Then, I also listed out 4 topics of the event. The font sizes of the topics information were smaller than the title and details of event because these were the least important in the poster.


Besides that, I also put a cute image on the right of the poster so that it would not be empty space.


I put sponsors of the event on the bottom of poster.




Progress Report
by Kong Swee Yik I14004697

Week 13: Bookmarks done!!!!

Bookmarks design done by Eugene when we are doing our proposal. I added the some eye-care information at the back of bookmarks. We have 4 bookmarks using 2 two design.
This is designed by Eugene



I added some information about how to protect your eyes.




This is designed by Eugene


I added some information about how to prevent from eye disease.



This is designed by Eugune


I added some information about how to imporve your vision



This is designed by Eugene



I added some information about how to choose a proper eye wear




Progress Report
by Kong Swee Yik I14004697

Week 14(Monday  17-11-2014): Web banner done!!!!

I had done my first web banner in week 13. The lecturer suggested that i should edit the poster. Thus, i did a new web banner for the event.

I designed web banner with using many colors in order to match the tagline “Health Eyes, Colorful Life”.

First, I put event title on the top of poster. I used 3 colors for the title. There were 2 primary colors- red and blue. I used purple color for the word ‘Campaign’, purple color is the secondary color by mixing red and blue.

web banner1


Next, I put the details of the event. The font size of the details information is 36. People will very clear for details.
web banner2

I designed eyes, rainbow and tagline of the event with rainbow colors. These make the banner are more beautiful.

web banner3





Progress work  advertisement bundle                posted by  Chong Kah Wai  week 12

After rui yi and Eugene finished to design the logo and mascot, it is now my turn to combine the product I choose before and combine with the thing they design. The first product I choose was a contact lenses brand called blink. I thought that if some who will going to buy this product will more consider about to attend our eye campaign.

  • I found a type of the bundle package of the brand “blink”.
  • Second I change the shape of the tagline and make it become more suitable to the product



  • Final, I add the logo and moscot on it, that is our “Dum Dum”




Progress work  advertisement bundle                posted by  Chong Kah Wai  week 12


This was the Nike brand T-shirt. We found that many sporting people likes NIKE brand, and NIKE brand will bring a message that is healthy and positive to people, so i feel that it is great if using NIKE to help us promote this event. We bundle our mascot into the shirt of NIKE.



  • First, I choose one of the T-shirt of the NIKE brand.



  • I insert our logo and moscot inside the T-shirt.




  • Final, I add my tagline into the bundle. So the T-shirt will bring out our campaign message.





Progress work  advertisement bundle                posted by  Chong Kah Wai  week 12

The last one was the Starbucks mugs, many teenager will like to buy the mug of Starbucks brands, it is because Starbucks is one of the famous brand in world, and same with NIKE, during the campaign season, Starbuck will add our mascot on the mug so that those people who buying this product can know us and our campaign.


  • I need to find a mug of the Startbuck brand


  • Now I add the moscot to the mug.





  • The last thing is about to add the final tagline into the mug








Progress Work Animation Clip

Name: Yap Jing Siang

ID: I14004696


Before my group members, Eugene and ruiyi done the logo design and mascot, I start to think of four idea for the animation clip. Our campaign have four different topics, which are how to protect your eyes, how to prevent from eye disease and so on, each idea of the clip will represent one of the topic.



After my group members, Eugene and swee yik had done the logo design and mascot, I can start to think how to implant those character into the clip. The making of the clip is not easy, it will cost us lots of time to do the clip.



During the making of the animation clip, we tend to have a lot of communication among group members to perform some special features and tools



Lastly, we were able to create those animation clip which match with the idea I create early.


Group Assignment 2

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  1. ftleow says:

    Animation – design is consistent and storyline was inter-related, good effort in organizing and planning and colour selection, but Eugene’s clip should have button control

    visual design – logo design is creative, but as for other visual elements, should have proper layout design, color combination, and print quality needs to be improved

    lack of content in progress reports, 3 progress reports were needed, incomplete
    – able to provide personal reflection with some brief information