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Single Assignment:


Group Assignment :


Group Name : WE Green

Group Members :

  • Edrick Salim (I13004254) 
  • Edward Salim (I14007101)
  • Jonathan Wijaya (I14007057)
  • Oktilen Mulya (I12001904)


Title :

“How to persuade people to do 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in order to reduce the waste.”


Abstract : 

Earth is a very important place for us human, animals and plants to live. It provides shelters for us to stay and air to breathe. But the ironies are the technology keep growing to be modern high technology, this is good thing to hear but on the other side of this luxury life there must be something to pay. It is the waste that we are produce through using a modern technology. As we can see from the article of Kuala Lumpur, starting from 2012 we start to make 3000 tons of waste and it started to deplete our land to live. So we come up with some ideas to conduct the 3R campaign which is reduce, reuse and recycle.


Objective :

  • To reduce the explosion of waste in Malaysia.
  • To aware people how important 3R is.
  • To give people some education about waste, effect of it, and how to take care of it.
  • To persuade people to live in 3R ways.
  • Design of multimedia for the environments around INTI-IU campus.
  • Create an informative and attractive explanation with creative idea through web banner, animation clips, poster etc,


Theme Colour Concept:

When we think about making this 3R, the first colour come from our mind is green.

The colour green make us feel fresh and one with the nature and also because the colour doesn’t make our eyes muscle stressed, the colour green make our eyes relaxed. People dont like thing which make them stressful. Thats why green colour is a good idea.  Such as picture below.




Draft that we are working on :

  • Identity Logo

Logo 2

The logo we design here is a tree within the ”WE” word that shows that we need tree between us  because tree is the source of oxygen and the source of life. Besides, “WE” word is referring to US as the activist that moved the “Green” which referring to make the world more green. And as we can see the gradation of the tree grow from yellow to green of the top that is because we want to make green as the top priority and also we want to complete this “Green” mission until the core or root of problem from the yellowish tree.


  • Web Banner


This is our web banner design for the homepage we want to put. We take background from this link: and of course we do some modification.


  • Poster design

Poster Design


After Designing :


This is the draft of our poster design. We put the persuasive title in the top of the poster and in the middle of the poster we will input a picture of half side of normal earth image and the other half is abnormal earth image. Below the earth picture we will input persuasive text. We will include the message  and logo from advertiser. We planning to stand this banner around INTI IU areas which are observed as dirty place.(Note : Poster Design still under discussion and might be change anytime)


  • Identity Mascot


This is the mascots of our group project. We name this little girly tree “Treenie”.  Because she also want to be involved in this go green act.

  •  Event Bunting


We make this event for those who care about their surrounding environment can join us to make our world more clean and remind them that our world still need help and also prevent them who always litter wherever they go.

  • BookMark



We make this bookmark especially for students or readers who sometime they will throw the false printed paper which half of it page still can be used, so it’s remind them to reuse paper and save the paper usage.


  • Luggage Tag

Luggage Tag


This is the luggage tag we going to produce.  With this luggage tag that we give to people it shows that they are also joining the green movement. We put our mascot the little tree in the luggage tag. Her name is Treenie. And it still on the process to make it better.


  • Door Tag

Door Tag Final Snip

This is the Door Tag that we are going to make. This tag is for remind the visitor of a room to do not bring something that can littering the room like food, drink, pet, etc.


  • Stickers on Garbage with Some Design

Trash Bin Edited


Why we make this cartoon sticker ? Thats because our message target is for children, why ? Because children are like and easily attracted by cartoon. We want start it by attracting children to throw garbage to the trashcan until it becomes a good habit when they become mature.


  • Animation





Progress Report

1. Edrick Salim

a.Progress Report 1 :

b. Progress Report 2 :

c. Progress Report 3 :

personal reflection :


2. Edward Salim

a. Progress Report 1 (Poster) :

b. Progress Report 2 (Trash Bin Sticker) :

c. Progress Report 3 (Bookmark) :

d. Personal Reflection :


3. Jonathan Wijaya

a. Progress Report 1 (Luggage Tag):

b. Progress Report 2 (Banner):

c. Progress Report 3 (Animation):

d. Personal Reflection :


4. Oktilen Mulya

a. Progress Report 1 (Door Tag)

b. Progress Report 2 (Animation)

c. Progress Report 3 (Animation)

d. Personal Reflection :


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  1. ftleow says:

    – very good effort in planning and preparing the draft, but more description and details are needed

    progress report
    – Edward Salim -should describe the making process of the animation
    – clear explanation on the making process, good job, but will be better if you can add on the settings used

    Development report
    – complete with required parts and the printed artwork, but lack of introduction and conclusion, reference (if any)
    – the quality of the printed artwork is satisfying

    – attractive colors were used appropriately
    – should apply more skills and creative ideas in designing the visual
    – The identify design is catchy

    – need to improve the drawing skills and animation skills, more practice
    – less contents were presented, lack of time to develop the content?