Page: Jan2015-Group11

Individual Assignment

Key Principles of Graphic Design- Wei Wei 

 Tips for Visual Strategy – Lay Yee

Color Concept for Designers – Yu Tian

Individual Assignment – Tess Loh May Fern

Group Assignment

Proposal – Group11

Create visual theme and brand identity (Prototype)

 Progress Report 1 (Tess Loh May Fern)

Progress Report 2 (Tess Loh May Fern)

Progress Report 3 (Tess Loh May Fern)

Personal Reflection (Tess Loh May Fern)

Progress Report 1 (Leong Lay Yee)

Progress Report 2 (Leong Lay Yee)

Progress Report 3 (Leong Lay Yee)

Personal Reflection (Leong Lay Yee)

Progress Report 1 (Leong Yu Tian)

Progress Report 2 (Leong Yu Tian)

Progress Report 3 (Leong Yu Tian)

Personal Reflection (Leong Yu Tian)

Progress Report 1(Cheok Wei Wei)

Progress Report 2(Cheok Wei Wei)

Progress Report 3(Cheok Wei Wei)

Personal Reflection (Cheok Wei Wei)


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One response to “ Jan2015-Group11 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    progress report
    – reports were completed with details, setting, screenshots, and the process of making animation, good effort!

    – Tess- good job in making a story-based animation, impressive
    – other animation clips have less contents were presented, lack of time to develop the content?

    – able to justify the choice of software
    – good effort in making visual components from scratch
    – good effort in designing the mascot?
    – should apply more skills and useful information in designing the visual

    Development report
    – complete with required parts and the printed artwork, but lack of introduction and conclusion, reference (if any)
    – the quality of the printed artwork is satisfying