Page: Jan2015-Group9

Individual Assignment
Color Concept for Deigners – Ang Heng Kiat I14005998

Tips of Visual Strategy – Kek Yeong Shuenn

 Principles of animation – Soon Jia Shyan


Group Project

Group Proposal



Group Progress Reports

Ang Heng Kiat

Progressive Report 1

Progressive Report 2

Progressive Report 3

Reflective Report


Soon Jia Shyan

Progress report 1

Progress report 2

Progress report 3

Reflective Report


Kek Yeong Shuenn

Progress Report 1

Progress Report 2

Progress Report 3 – Animation

Reflective Report


Chang Si Hang

Progress Report 1 

Progress Report 2

Reflective Report

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2 Responses to “ Jan2015-Group9 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    Personal reflection
    – Chang Si Hang – did not reflect his opinion as advised, sp no mark is awarded

    progress report
    – the reports should describe with more details, setting used, or more screenshots
    – Chang – incomplete work
    -should discuss the making of animation
    – Ang – good job in reporting the progress reports

    – some students need to improve the drawing skills and animation skills, more practice
    Ang -good job in making a story-based animation, impressive

    Development report
    – complete with required parts and the printed artwork, but lack of introduction and conclusion, reference (if any)
    – the quality of the printed artwork is satisfying

    – good effort in designing the logo and mascot
    – good effort in making visual components from scratch