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Group name     : iGreen
Title                    : Go green with 3R slogan (recycle,reuse and reduce)
Aim                     : to achieve green nature

Tagline               : Go Green is not for us, is for our next generation!

Logo                    :






Group Proposal(Ms.word) : Group Proposal

Group Proposal:



Individual Assignment

Teo Wei Kiat – Key Principles in Graphic Design

Cheng Kok Choon – Tips for Visual Strategy

Lee Chee Mun – Color Concept for Designers

Liu Shixing – Principles of Animation


Group Assignment

Teo Wei Kiat

Progress Logo

Progress Mascot

Progress Poster

Progress Animation Clips

Personal Reflective


Cheng Kok Choon

Progress Report 1

Progress Report 2

Progress Report 3

Personal Reflection


Lee Chee Mun

Progress 1

Progress 2

Progress 3

Reflective report


Liu Shixing

Progress wallpaper –

Progress signage –

Progress animation –

Personal Reflective –



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One response to “ Jan2015-Group7 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    – Animation is incomplete – good content but without color and audio?, some students did not produce
    – No button/interactive control?

    progress report
    – clear explanation on the making process, but some of the reports should describe with more details, setting used

    Development report
    – incomplete – lack of the introduction, progress report, conclusion
    – the quality of the printed artwork is satisfying

    – good effort in designing the poster, but no mascot?
    – attractive -colors were used appropriately but should apply more skills and useful information in designing the visual