Page: Aug2014-Group8

 Assignment 1 : Individual Assigment


1. Visual Element (Felix Demas – I13004106)

2. Tips And Tricks in Designing Logo and Tagline (Ardy – I13004469)

3.Ways and Ideas Advertisement Bundle (Arianto Agung Prabowo – I14005124)

4. Content and effects in advertisement clip (Rizky Gunawan – I13004467)


Assignment 2 : Group Assignment


Project Proposal

Development Process

Animation Clip


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  1. ftleow says:

    Animation- completed with basics, but the drawing skills and animating effects can be improved for better results
    – logo design should be improved, can be done with shapes and colors instead of using bitmap image, more originality
    -more visual elements should be created/drawn, image quality should be improved, and please use high resolution image
    – no clear division of work? progress reports are supposed to be written by individuals, 3 reports per person, lack of content and detailed, less satisfying
    – able to provide personal reflection with some brief information