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Group Name : lux

Our group name is pronounced “lux”. lux is the Si unit for luminescence.


Assignment 1: Inforgraphic Design


Topic 1: Key principles in graphic design

by Jeremy Khaira I14006768


Topic 2: Tips for visual strategy

by Alexander Januar Harvy


Topic 3: Color concepts for designers

by Danesh Durairetnam


Topic 5: Principles of animation

by Nyvesh Vynn Chander


Assignment 2: Environmental design for implementing 3Rs concept in University campus

Project Report


Progress Report


Jeremy Khaira


Alexander Januar Harvy


Danesh Durairetnam


Nyvesh Vynn Chander

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One response to “ Jan2015-Group5 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    Progress report
    Alex – incomplete and lack of details
    – most of the report-clear explanation on the making process, good job

    – good effort in designing the logo and mascot
    – should apply more skills and useful information in designing the visual
    – attractive colors were used appropriately

    – Good to produce the scenes with different views
    – some clips have less contents presented, lack of time to develop the content?

    Development report
    – complete with required parts and the printed artwork, but lack of introduction and

    conclusion, reference (if any)
    – the quality of the printed artwork is satisfying EXCEPT the less 在我的形式上.