Page: Aug2014-Group7

Assignment #1

Visual Elements used in Eye Care Campaigns – Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701

Tips and Tricks in Logo Design and Taglines – Abdulla Sajeeu, i14005259

Ways and Ideas for Advertisement Bundles – Muhammad Zeeshan, i14004911


Assignment #2

Project Proposal

Progress Reports #1

Logo Design and Digitisation – Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701

Finalising logo design – Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

Advertisement Bundle –  Muhammad Zeeshan, i14004911

Progress Reports #2

Advertisement Bundle – Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701

Advertisement Bundle – Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

Web Banner   – Muhammad Zeeshan, i14004911

Progress Reports #3

Animation Clip – Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701

Event Bunting and animation clip – Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

Personal Reflections

Personal Reflection – Mufhim Anees Hussain, i14004701

Personal Reflection – Abdulla Shajeeu, i14005259

Personal Reflection – Muhammad Zeeshan – i14004911

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2 Responses to “ Aug2014-Group7 ”

  1. ftleow says:

    – able to provide personal reflection with own experience, especially Mufhim, as for others, the content can be further elaborated
    – visual design elements are good and attractive, able to blend the design with product design, however, the banner/poster design can still be improved to attract attention
    – animation clip is informative and appropriate, suitable for this event, but can be made more attractive for better attention

  2. Sajeeu says:

    Hi miss. Just want to state that your evaluation came before I got a chance to fully upload my reflections. After our page was taken down, my reflections were uploaded with content missing, not by me, and different from the reelections that we have given you in the CD. I have changed them to match those given to you. Thank you.