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Berry Design (Group 4)


For our Assignment 1 (Individual), we are required to do a background study on the topic each of us in a group have chosen in the beginning of the semester. The outcome/information obtained from this assignment will be used later in Assignment 2 (Group). Below are the topics we have done background studies on:

1. Visual Elements Used By Eye-Care Campaign

done by Aliya Farida:

2. Tips and Tricks in Designing New Logo and Tagline

done by Arief Riswandana:

3. Ways and Ideas in Advertisement Bundle

done by Pradil Mahesh Shanaka:


For this Assignment 2 (Group), as multimedia designers we are required to design the the visual aids for an eye care campaign titled “Eye-Care Campaign 2014 – LOVE Your Eyes”. These visual aids include the campaign logo design and tagline, campaign poster design (in 3 sizes: web banner, event bunting, bookmark), advertisement bundle (3 products) and a 1-minute presentation clip for each of our group members (that will be 3 clips since we have 3 group members).

We started our project by coming up with a proposal to be approved by our client (Lecturer Ms Leow):


From now until the project completion we will be posting our progress below:


Progress 1: Event Bunting, Web Banners, Bookmark

Progress 2: Animation Character & Background

Progress 3: Animation (Unable to upload SWF file)

Personal Reflection


Arief Riswandana

Progress 1 : Logo

Progress 2: Character

Progress 3: Animation (Unable to upload SWF file)

Personal Reflection



Progress 1: Advertisement Bundle

Progress 2:

Progress 3:

Personal Reflection

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  1. ftleow says:

    – lack of content in progress reports, some members didn’t complete the progress report
    – able to provide personal reflection with some brief information, but should be further elaborated, Pradil didn’t write about his personal reflection?
    – good effort in making animation by recording voice for narration and explanation, it will be better if control button is added, and can stop at the last frame, but Pradil’s animation clip is incomplete?
    – the quality of work is considered good and complete, but can be better if you create the design components all by yourselves