Content and effects in advertisement clip (for exhibition and presentation)

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1. Introduction Of The Selected Topic

Advertisement is a something that used to build a communication between audiences that can range from few person to metropolitan city or bigger group in order to try to persuade, encourage or maybe manipulate them to do something. There are lots of medium, knowledge and techniques of advertisement, but in this background study, I will focus in contents and effect in advertisement clip for exhibition and presentation.

First of all, what is an advertisement clip? An advertisement clip is a combination of video and sound that use to deliver product and message to audiences. It is usually a shorter version of a normal. The length of advertisement clip maybe vary for different location and purpose Due to its short time, the advertisement clip must pack essences from its original video and idea. Therefore, no relate item are not encourage to put in the advertisement clip. Besides that, the content of the clip must be eyes catching from the video graphic to sound effect. This is to ensure that it can catch audience’s attention anytime.

Next I will discuss about the content in advertisement clip. Before that, we must understand the purpose of creating the advertisement clip. Is it use to sell new products or services? Or it is use to educate? Second, we must find out the layer of audience whether it is for children, college student, working or retirement personal. After confirm the two point about, we can proceed to content of the advertisement clip. An advertisement clip would not be getting any attention from audience if the content taking lots of time to understand it or simply boring. Hence, we had to look into different aspects when we designing the content for it. The aspects are such as clarity and simplicity. In other word, the content must clearly deliver the idea of exhibition or presentation and it is simple to understand. Additional, the sequence of deliver the message to audience is important too. It had to make sense during arranging the sequence of message to be deliver. Message should be start from exposition, rising, climax, falling and resolution.

Following is the effect in advertisement clip. There are two main effect category that we need to take consideration during creating the advertisement clip, which is audio and visual effect. Depending the location of the clip being play, we need various type of audio effect. For example if the advertisement clip is meant be use during exhibition, we can put in some bass in order to attract the large amount of audiences. On the other hand, peaceful sound effect would be great during presentation to a smaller group of audience. Continue to be discuss is the visual effect of the advertisement clip. Few visual effect that need to be take note is typography, colour and animation. Typography that use during either narration, question or deliver message need to neat and clear. Audience will tend to ignore or feel leave out if they cannot read the message in advertisement clip in short time. As for the colour, it is important to match the theme of the exhibition or presentation. Furthermore, we should not include too many colour in the clip as it tend to make audience to lose focus on what the clip to emphasize.  Colour effect maybe range from word to background. For example, pale pink background colour would be suitable during breast cancer awareness advertise clip. Finally is the animation effect. We need to make sure that the animation created has to be easy to understand, funny and energetic in order to get audience attention.

2. Samples Studied / Supporting Materials

Sample 1, combination of photo and animation. In this video, we notice that they try to make advertisement more fun by adding fun fact in it. Beside that, the animation is simple enough to understand. Moreover, it using children voice as narrator in order to catch attention of children audiences.


Sample 2, Purely animation. The clip is clean and clearly deliver message to its audience. It also using things that in our environment and situation to put in advertisement clip. It is using an teenage or adult voice as narrator voice in order to caught attention of college or working personal.




3. Reflection & Ideas

From the video above, we notice that in order to make a good advertisement clip, it should be short and easy to understand. Besides that, we can add in can funny animation. If the advertisement clip is dull and boring, audience tend to forget the message that they received. Hence, it result in fail to advertise the idea and message. Beside that, we notice that the narrator voice that using in both clip are different. Due to different layer of audience, they using different age of voice in order to made them feel familiar. It is because people are tend to listen and focus to what’s said by same age group. So in my advertisement clip, I will try to put some funny clip to catch attention of audience. Besides that, my advertisement clip should not be too complex in order to let audience to get the message easily. Moreover, I will try to put in a teenage voice in the clip in order to attract the same layer of audience.




4. Conclusion

In order to suit the different type of audience, we have to use different content and effect in advertisement clip. This is to make sure that it can catch attention of the age layer so that the message can be deliver successfully. Furthermore, the advertisement clip must be suit the theme of the exhibition and presentation, so that audience do not feel weird when they saw the clip.




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