Group 7 – Proposal

Visual Elements in our designs

Our first matter of priority was designing the logo. We decided we would adapt the design language from the logo to make a uniform implementation across different formats. Throughout this, we were able to come up with four main concepts to implement our branding on different formats.

  1. Horizontal alignment of the logo, and other design elements. This psychologically gives tranquility and calmness. It is easier for people to interpret.
  2. Curved lines that demonstrate gracefulness, smoothness and flow. Curved lines are also associated with being feminine, which people related to caring.
  3. Circular shapes such as crescents gives feeling of community, love, friendship and unity. These are fundamental aspects of society and these concepts are psychologically appealing to people.
  4. Balance. Nature itself has many different kinds of balance. Stern symmetric balance and casual informal asymmetric balance. As you can observe in our initial logo sketches there is a symmetric balance struck while keeping the flow engaging. It reflects a yin yang.



Colour Scheme

We shall use a hue of blue and green as our colour scheme. Our most prominent factor in selecting these colours is based on colour psychology.

Our reasons for choosing blue include the presentation of calmness, serenity, wisdom, and loyalty that blue portrays for the viewers. This also promotes the principles behind our campaign that we care about your eyes.

Blue: C: 49, M: 15, Y: 0, K:0.

Following the blue hue, the companion colour we chose is a corresponding colour. Green is a colour that is associated with nature, harmony, growth, and health. These are characteristics we chose to create a psychological or emotional rapport with the viewer. This shall help them be engaged with our visual aesthetics.

Green C:33, M: 10, Y: 96, K: 0.

Campaign poster design

All our poster designs shall employ our design concepts. The posters shall implement our design principles of alignment, curves, shapes as well as the concept of balance.We shall implement the use of our colour scheme to trigger emotional and psychological response to the users. We shall employ these techniques to defragment and create uniformity amongst our products

We shall also use the rule of thirds and golden ratio to better align and interact with our viewers visual paths to keep them engaged.



Web banner

Employing a combination of vector shapes and imagery completed with our logo and tagline.

Size for the banner shall comply with International Advertising Bureau (IAB)’s ad sizes. We have chosen the size to be 720 pixels wide by 300 pixels high. This particular type is classified as a pop-under banner which will slide down from a navigation bar or when the user interact with certain elements on the page.



Our bunting will be in keeping with the uniformity of our design concepts. The bunting shall be more text heavy that the rest, with a full bleed background format.

The bunting size will be the standard 2 feet by 6 feet.



Bookmarks will employ a full bleed background format with the least text amongst the three. The bookmark will be of a standard 2 inches by 6 inches printed on a glossy thick higher gsm format.


Principles of logo design

When designing the logo, we decided to apply the principles of effective logo design as much as possible.As such, we apllied the principles of Simple, Memorble, Versatile and Appropraiate.

Logo Design and Tagline

These are the initial sketches we did when designing the logo. At first we tried to put in a heart to give the message of love into the logo design. We found that it made the overall design different from what we wanted it to be. So we skipped that and instead changed the design so that it looks like two hands are cupping the eye, effectively giving the message of caring and love.


Tagline typeface style – cursive 

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 7.53.34 PM


Advertisement Bundle

People might survive many days without food, but they cant survive without water. Either rich or poor everyone buys water, so to market it through water bottles could make a massive impact. As greater audience will read the message and no class of people will be ignored. Because water is something without which no one can survive.



Biggest asset for cleaning the eyes. So to target it and join our message with them will leave a huge mark. As whenever people will use tissues to clean their eyes. They’ll definitely read the message which will leave a good impact.

Long time plan. As mostly tissue boxes don’t get finished too early and last longer than other products.


We are going coke because it is a very famous product that is used frequently throughout the world. So everyone will see it and we will maximize our campaign exposure.



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