Visual elements (colors, size, symbolic images) used by eye-care campaigns

  1. Introduction

Visual elements in the era of globalization and information technology, as now, visual communication design plays an important role and become a hot topic that cannot be separated from our daily live (wijanarko, 2014). Almost every day wherever we go we will find the forms of design visual communication. unfortunately, many of us are not aware of the purpose and benefits of visual communication design itself. this paper will discuss about what the purpose, benefits and employment elements of visual communication design.


Visual communication design is designs that communicate information and messages displayed visually (wijanarko, 2014). visual communication designer

s seek to influence group of observers. they tried to keep most people in the target group the positive response to the visual message therefore the design community.


  1. Colour

Colour is an important element in graphic design (Alex, 2014). in the science of art, colour can represent the emotions of the work of graphic design or the graphic design so that the message of the work can be more easily accepted by the audience.

primary colours is basic colours are not mixture of other colour. belonging to the primary colours are red, blue and yellow (manis,2014). Secondary colours are the result of mixture of primary colours, where the 50% of red mix with 50% of yellow will result orange, where the 50% of red mix with 50% of blue will result purple, where the 50% of blue mix with 50% of yellow will result green.



Reason to use colours:

  1. use colour to speed visual search where colour is the fastest way to tell the information, which facilitates visual search.
  2. use colour to improve object recognition which we can recognize the object more quickly when their colours reflect what we see in the physical world.


  1. Size

size is very important in designing an

advertisement, because of the size of the text size larger if it will draw the eye of people (krause,2014). the people eye will start reading the bigger size of the text first and after that the eye will look for the smaller size. for example the below picture the people eye will start reading from bigger size of the text first.




  1. Personal Reflection


the below banner the sample of the eye care campaign where the banner message is ask people to come and check your eye health, this banner have put the date when the eye health will started, but the date is a bit smaller if the people that read the banner is driving it will be hard for the driver to read the smaller size text, because it will take time. the below banner should have the draw picture of eye so people who see the banner direct will can get the main message that the banner want to tell



  1. Conclusion


Visual elements is where it tell about how to mix the colour and become what colour and where the other is telling about the size of the text that can use to attract the people attention.

  1. References


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