Assignment 1 – i15007797


My group and I chose a phone model that is not popular for several reasons, first because the idea behind creating this device is to respect the privacy of the people in a field where our privacy is invaded regularly. And second because this device is unique and offers features that are not present in any other device and also to avoid choosing a device that has already been chosen by other groups. Blackphone targets business corporations mainly because they are the ones that usually need such secured devices.

When it comes to the infographic design process, I designed my infographic with the intention to make the information easily readable, provide a clear view of every detail in the design and to make the design as much elegant as possible because the targeted group is business corporations and they don’t need a fancy design full of colors which is distracting and don’t help to deliver the information as fast as I would like them to receive it. The device shines in the middle while the surroundings look kind of blurry to make the device the main focus point in the infographic for the viewer. Then I used a real image of the device instead of designing one myself because it is a new phone in the industry and I want it to be recognized. The circles around the blackphone contain information about the dimensions of the device and to avoid making it blurry, I used these circles which overlay the background. The background of the image is green mostly and mixed with white a little to make it comfortable for the eyes. In order to represent my understanding of how an infographic should be easily readable, I used icons next to each sentence I wrote because these icons convey the message of the sentence faster the sentence does.

By designing this infographic, I have used almost all of the skills we have learned. I have also learned a lot of new skills in order to complete my design by myself without copying from others.

Check the link for high resolution photo of the  Infographic.

Link for my Photoshop file. File

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