Margreth’s Assignment One (Individual)

infographic PictAssignment One Infographic

Infographic design is a representative way to show pieces of information, knowledge, or data that the designers want to present which can attract attention of viewers by using patterns, pictures, charts, etc. This report is going to explain about a design of infographics of Oppo R7 lite. Oppo R7 lite is a very simple phone that has everything inside as the other android does. So using that idea, I tried to design a very simple infographic using simple colors, fonts, effects, and shapes.

Firstly about the background, in my design, I used a background which I downloaded from the internet with the picture of the phone directly. I chose the background that has the gradient colors of gray and lighters gray because it is one of the two colors which are gradient of grey and lighter gray (the one I’m using) and Gradient of Blue and greenish that the company of this particular product chose. The reason why these colors were chosen mainly because these colors give the viewers the feeling of lightness which most of Oppo’s products have especially this type (Oppo R7 Lite). Other than that, this background also has the picture of Oppo R7 Lite right in the middle.

Secondly, there are three font types I used for this project. The first is Arial Regular which I used mostly to type the key specifications with 14pt for the size. The reason why I chose this particular font type and size because it is simple and readable. The second one is Arial black which I used the most on the tittles of every detailed (specification) or the key specifications. Lastly is the Bell MT Regular with 31 for the size for. This particular font type is one of the simplest yet beautiful type which has the features of lightness.

Thirdly, the rounded rectangle I used for the specifications which has three different colors.  First of all is the gray that is a bit darker than the background since it is the main color that goes very well with the kind of color that the background has. Next is orange, this color is one of the bright colors that goes well with light gray. Final color is the dark blue, for a shape as big as the last one which carries the specification of the dual Sims, this color I found to be the last one that suit the background. Other than that there is also a tick shape on the left side with some a little bit specification of connectivity that the phone has. The reason why I put it separately for the dual Sims part and was put right after the tittle also because these details are the one that the people want to have, and the most special one is the infrared which most of the latest smart phones don’t have.

Then for the tittles of the Phone. For this design, I decided to put the subtitle at the top before the tittle which is the name and type of the phone. The reason is to attract the curiosity of the viewer by using an interesting sentence which is “All You Need is to Have the Need Light” with light blue color for the main idea of the phone’s specialty and gray for the words in the middle which are not the main priority. And for the Title, I used the similar color that is used by the company which addition of special effect.

Finally will be the special effects. The effect I used here are the drop shadow and the two others from blending mode. But the main focus of it all is the word light which I put a bit up further than it’s drop shadow effect with a bit gap in the middle which give the idea to the viewer what is so interesting about this phone, that is having the lightest weight.


by Margreth A Mebri

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