Assignment 1 (infographic)

John Tay

At the beginning from the graphic design class, I was given an individual assignment to design an infographic banner. The time that I received this assignment I was anxious and feels frustrated because this assignment require us to design the infographic banner in our own design and idea. The next week my group members and I having a discussion about which phone model we choose, finally the phone model we decided after discussion is OPPO R7 Lite. After the week we chosen the phone model, we rapidly discuss about assign our part of the work. The part of mine is about design of the OPPO R7 Lite. This phone model was quite famous, thought. Since, this phone model was released on September 2015 which recently. Therefore, the information of the phone model can easily discover from the Internet.  While, We having sufficient information to proceed to our assignment.


After the discussing, now we move to the designing part. I was nearly giving up to the assignment due to thinking about the design of the infographic. There are too many question mark came up on my head. What shape? What color?  What Style? What font? And many more questions came up. After I got handled my anxious and frustrated, I started with my background. By used the gradient tools, It was green because OPPO logo was used it. As the font I used in my infographic, I chose the Van Helsing Font and the font is black in color. This font and color I used in this infographic are because its can clearly viewed in the green color background.

The font is attractive when attached on the background. It feels like advanced.  The gradient of the background I made, the top was a little pale there, because the OPPO logo was green so that the logo won’t conflict with it background. I used the Quick Selected Tools to move the OPPO front and back image to my background in new layer as the same to the OPPO logo. Therefore, I do adjust a bit of the contrast and the brightness of the image and auto adjustment for it.


After that all, I’ve talk about the promotional strategy. The strategy involved the information regarding my phone model to the customers through various methods like Outdoor Advertising, Print Advertising, Broadcasting Advertising and many more. We also can do like giving various discount and offers to the customer. Advertisement to be made in a manner that it speaks to the psychology of the customer and help them to review the mobile model while their purchases is completed. A banner advertisement is an online advertisement in a form of a graphic designs that shown on the Web page. Besides that, Most of the people only acquaintance keyword strategy with contents promotional. In real life, we need to be just as concerned about proper keyword and strategy with mobile devices promotional strategies. However, to create the keyword strategy work instead of confirming the keyword phrases small, using not more than three keywords.

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