Assignment i15007416


So I have set my design theme as ‘future’. As u can see that the background there are many lines and a map combine together. It means that the phone can convenience us in our future life at any places. I use white color as my background. This is because white color considered as a color of perfection. As the opposite color of black, white color usually give us positive energy. The words I use hobo std because I feel that this word is more attractive and suitable for the background. On the below of the phone, there are some papers, a pencil and a eraser. This means that before a phone been manufacture the designer will make many draft of the phone to compare the design. So that it can fulfill the younger generation expectation and also attract their attention to but the phone too. Besides that, the stationary also taking out the meaning which is the phone had been make many changes about the design by the phone (Samsung s6 edge +) designer.

For the strategy. Most probably our target is for all of the younger generation as well. From the infographic, we can see that I had larger the font size of the main point ,which is edge, 5.7”,7000 aluminum and others. This is because nowadays most of the people are impatient to see the detail of the phone. So that, I had larger the font size to attract the young generation and attract them take a look over the detail of the phone.

I had learn how to use the magic wind and make selection tool to crop out the picture and combine all the picture that I needed. This infographic I had choose many element to combine it together .
I also use the blending options to do some shadow and other things. There are some shadow under the phone and the paper. All of the features are applied by the setting in the blending options. To make it more real for the shadow effect, I also uses the blur setting, which is the Gaussian blur filter for the shadow effect.
I also separate all the picture into different layer. So that when we do any editing of the layer. It will not affect to others layers too. It can prevent unnecessary changes on the picture.
For the text, I had using black color for all the title. So that it look more obvious. For the detail of the title, I had use grey color to initiate it. So that other people can differentiate which is the title and the detail of the title.

The composition of the picture is to share the detail of the phone to the audience. The middle of the phone is to show the design of the phone. Besides the phone, there are some description of it for the people to understand more about the phone. Nowadays, most of the people more concern about the design of the phone .So the phone design should be attractive. So that it can attract the audience to look forward to know more about the phone. I also larger the font size of the title. So that, the audience can understand and briefly know the design of the phone.

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