In my info graphic, I set the blue sky as the background, it means that customers can get a wide expression from the media player of Sony Xperia Z3. I put a note beyond the mobile to make people understand what I want to introduce at the first time. The colorful symbol represent a positive attitude that we can collect enjoyment at the process of watching movie or listening to the music. We all live in a nervous society and pressure are made all the time, the things can relax our moods is meaningful to found. As we all know, the most important part of a media player is his listening experience and visual effect. The special points of the Sony is that they add some functions in camera and walkmans in their mobile phone. Actually it makes a obviously improvement for achieving a near lossless audio sound, we can experience the wonderful music just like you are standing on the concert which sung by your favorite stars. The three points in my info graphic mainly talk about the unparalleled fitting and I believe that they would attract the customers’ attentions.

I used black words to make the whole info graphic. I sign a symbol at the top of the mobile phone. It is the position of headphone jack. Users can find that sony improve the sound technology at the first time. I put a paragraph into the cloud to express my opinions that we can experience the lossless audio sound such as clouds drift. Sony xperia z3 is 5.2 inch long and 1920×1080 pixels. I put these data just beside the mobile to let users understand more about our products. For me to sell this mobile phone. I would focus on how to bring a ultimate experience to customers. In the modern, the function of mobile phone is not only for making a call. Lots of new things appear steady stream. What kind of mobile can attract customers from the huge mobile market is the question we need to think more. Media player is a considerable part for the mobile selling. At the free time or catch the plane, people can open the media player to enjoy the music or watch some movies. It is a enjoyable experience for modern people to relax themselves. We can see three points on my info graphic that is different from other mobile phones. It is our most important market competitiveness compared with other phones. In my info graphic, I used three word layers to explain what new technology that this mobile phone used. And the picture of xperia z3 was downloaded from the internet, we can see a song playing on the mobile and it is the topic I want to introduce. The notes and arrow were made by custom shape tools, it can create the shapes that I want to use in the info graphic. I changed the background by using the smart fitter. It looks more bright after increasing the contrast and exposure.assignment

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