Individual Assignment


            Infographic or information graphic is a graphic visual representation of data, knowledge or information that can take form of diagram, chart, map, illustration, timeline or sign, intended to present the information in such creative ways so people will understand it quickly and clearly. In other words, it helps clarify the complicated information in simple way. Infographic has evolved in recent years and the usage of it has been increasing and used widely in assisting people. It even can be found on newspaper, website, blog, television, subway map, books and etc. One of the famous and familiar graphic designs that are usually seen every day is the mobile devices infographic. Market’s designer often creates infographic design of the mobile devices in order to attract the consumers and convince them about the quality of product. Mobile device itself has been used widely and people would always like to follow the trend of its evolution. These days there are number of tools or programs available for those who are interested in graphic design. However, one must know what the intended purposes of creating this design are that will be delivered to public. The aim of this report is to complete the graphic design and animation’s first assignment given and to clarify what are the reasons of designing such an infographic that is attached inside this report by author. Some of the references were taken from trusted blog or website which will be seen in the references page.

Personal Reflection

Author’s design was inspired from the evolution of technology which has brought efficiency and big difference in this world. Today’s advancement and economical improvement are derived from advanced technology and make people think creatively of how to utilize the technology to make a better tomorrow. The idea’s behind the design is to create attractive and comprehensible infographic which will be delivered to public. As the author mentioned in introduction that the purposes of the designing infographic are essential. Thus, author’s design is intended to make people feel inspired and get to know in depth about the product which author took as a design object. Talking about the design itself, author will clarify it in order to figure out what are the actual reasons of designing mobile device’s infographic in a detailed way. In this design, IPhone 6 mobile device is being used as a designed object. Start from the background which is using the neutral color black and it actually represents the world or authority. Another reason is that author thinks black is able to cope with any bright color that will be used as typography. In the design, author wants to emphasize the bright colors which can be interpreted as advanced technology that brings “sophistication” into the world and gives new innovation. Even though many colors are used to design the infographic, the contrasted color is still appropriate and matched. It distinguishes every element in the design. Thus, contrast is essential especially when the background is black. The IPhone 6’s clip art was deliberately placed in the center to catch the attention of public. The floating objects are described as IPhone 6 specifications, but since the group’s members have decided to split all the specifications then the author only took the hardware part which is designed with a darker color blue to indicate her parts. The floating objects are designed using rectangle shape and decreasing the level of opacity to make it transparent as well as look like it’s floating in the air. Author knows that people now days don’t like to read a long statements and she feels that it is unattractive. Therefore, some of the statements are made into diagram or illustration which also legible. The layout is designed in such way because human always read from top to bottom or left to right and that is one of the reasons why the IPhone clip art is located at the center. From the top left, author prioritizes the processor part then continues to battery, memory and camera. The reason is because the most important part of the phone usually is the processor. IPhone 6’s processor works as a brain that executes any instruction given just like the CPU in computer. Without this chip, every phone won’t be able to proceed and satisfy consumer. Second, the battery which makes the phone is usable and it is the source of the electricity. Third, the memory that is used to store data such a text, image, audio, video and etc. The last part is camera, used to capture every single moment that is precious. Author also tried to make a balance between the typography and the clip art so that none of the elements are too dominant but all of them are equally represented. This design is simple yet it gives impression and readability to those who see it. For market purposes, due to the attractive appearance author believes that public will put their interest in this design and get convinced. Furthermore, IPhone 6 qualities are known well by people around the world. All the statements displayed on the design are chosen attentively so that there is no controversy.


            Overall, author feels that designing infographic is not easy because it requires a lot of conditions as well as creative thoughts to create one infographic that can be recognized its value by public. However, author can improve her skill in Photoshop especially editing skill and got to know a lot more features within it than before. Hoping that with these new skills she will be able to contribute more for group assignment which is creating animation for mobile devices. Author hopes that this design will be accepted and any comments are valuable and can be lessons for her.


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