Assignment 1 [Infographic]

Blackphone 2 [final draft]

Reflective Report

When I was first handed this assignment by the lecturer in the class, I was quite ecstatic and anxious about it because I was looking forward to design something that I could call my own design. After a week of discussing with my group members on which phone model we should use, we finally came up with an answer. Albeit, one of our group member was missing in action for more than three weeks, the rest of us handled the situation quite well by delegating tasks amid ourselves. Once, we picked our part of work, I started working on my part. Since the phone model that we picked is not a famous one, searching for information about the phone was quite tedious as our phone model, Blackphone 2 by Silent Circle is a phone that emphasized on mobile privacy and to make matter more difficult, this latest phone model was only released in September. Thus, there were not much information to attain but there was sufficient amount of information that could be attained and to be used in this assignment.

Moving onto the designing phase, I was literally in an abyss of dilemma on deciding what kind of design I should go with. For instance, should I go with a rectangle or square or circle background and then layout the information in which way? After much contemplation, I went with the circle background so that it goes in line with Blackphone 2’s company, Silent Circle name and logo. As for the fonts used in the infographic, I went with Trajan Pro for the headings as it looked professional and elite that suits Blackphone 2’s purpose which is to secure the users’ privacy. As for the description I used Tekton Pro to have a bit of contrast in the infographic so that the design does not look monotonous and plain. As for the color of the fonts, I went with white color so that it can be read easily and also black and white combination between the background and fonts can never go wrong because black and white is like the yin and yang where one could not exist without the other.

To go in depth into the infographic, the inner circle within the outer circle is to represent an “eye” which signifies that the company, Silent Circle is always looking after their users’ privacy. One of the promotional strategies that could put Blackphone 2 in the eyes of the world is through advertising. However, there are many forms of advertising and one of the easiest and fastest way of doing that is to advertise online through social media and other online advertising platforms. Now, online users want to get their information in the quickest and easiest way and providing them with an intriguing and catchy infographic is one the best way there is to attract online users’ attention. Another promotional strategy that could work efficiently is that the company, Silent Circle provides extra services such as free delivery or lifetime warranty to capture consumers’ attention.

Last but not least, designing this infographic required me to learn and sharpen my Adobe Photoshop skills. For instance, I learnt how to crop a circle from an image and save it just as a circle without the edges and be able to view it with a transparent background and that is to save the files in either PNG or GIF format. Besides, I also learnt how to draw lines in a circle and arranged them so that I could arrange the wordings and pictures.

All in all, this assignment has been an eye-opener for me and through the ups and downs, I am grateful and thankful that I got to learn so much.

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