Assingment 1

My info graphic is done with a very minimalist design, this design is about the LG G Flex phone which is done based on a curved phone mainly focused on the camera of the phone after agreeing with the group. The camera features a lot of style of shoots and many more additional features which can be used in my info graphic to be promoted to my customer. There are a lot of things which should be taken into account like the size of the phone and the unique shape of it meanwhile trying to focus more on the camera.


Frist I’ve started off with the phone facing the front which re imagines the fact that the camera application is open. Using the selection tool I have removed the screen part and for the background I’ve chosen to use a vignette type of images which uses a macro shot of a flower technically blurring the surrounding. This shows that our camera has the capabilities like none others to capture magnificent shots and to blend it with the surrounding.  I’ve applied a drop shadow to the edges of the phone to make sure it feels like it’s been embedded to the photo and for the flower background, I’ve made it more brighter to make sure that my fonts are able to suit with it therefore making the blacks even more brighter allowing my black fonts to be visible


On the left I was able to extract a 3 different angle pictures of the phone to allow the customers to have a better look of the phone from different degree after extracting the photos from the main picture I have applied it to the sides just to make sure it doesn’t feel empty meanwhile the left side is filled with information.  I’ve made three thin lines which is not very visible to position the three different pictures therefore it looks tidy. I’ve also added a drop shadow for it to blend in with the contrast surrounding then positioning horizontally because of space limitations on the other side


Meanwhile on the right hand-side of the both the 360 view of the phone and angle I’ve added a spec sheet regarding the camera’s with reference to a real spec sheet table. This allows readers to get to know more about the perks on having this phone and the hardware it possess. On the image of the capturing picture resemblance on the phone I’ve added three main features of the camera which allows us the further boast our product into the market and how it is different from the usual marketing strategy furthermore with icons it’s tidily arranged in the screen of the phone with the “4K” icon being able to been seen by adding white drop shadow which looks like a natural glow from the contrast black on the background


The fonts used are all same to keep it tidy and minimal therefore we’re not mistaken to a very messy design which doesn’t appeal the customer. The fonts used a Century Gothic Regular and Bold to make sure everything has to be tidy. The Logo is black to fit with the back ground the G is made in 3D and red to show that it part of LG and an available colour with the word “FLEX” which is curved resembling the selling point.


My Design :

LG-Flex 2 Camera


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