Group 8 Assignment 2 : Group Assignment : Proposal

Group 8 Assignment 2 : Group Assignment : Proposal


Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics





MMD2201 Graphic Animation& Design

Session Aug 2014

Name ID Programmed Section

Lecturer: Ms. Leow Fui Teng



Title: Designing for eye-care campaigns



Logo and tagline

The logo will be designed like the eyes protected with the hands and black sparkling color are used as background color. We choose associative logo therefore consumer/reader can easily to understand what the logo means.

For example:



For the tagline our team has choose: Care your eyes, Care yourself


Poster design

Event bunting

Because of we choose sparkling black as a background color that’s already attracted people to see. Then we will make a big bunting so people can see easily and put brief of information of the campaign.


Web banner

The design of web banner we will make it in the homepage of the web and make it as medium size. We put the point of the campaign also. For example:





For the bookmark , we will choose to use flat bookmark. The logo, tagline and some information will be printed for the bookmark. We just put a brief information with attracted font style to attract reader to read.





Advertisement bundle

The logo will be put at the electronic product, such as: box of the cell phone, keyboard of the laptop and thumbnail. We put there because people usually forget about their eyes when they are playing the electronic devices. Therefore, the logo can remember them to take care theirs eye

post-7120-1407297598_thumb imagesindexlaptop_20keyboard


Advertisement Clip

We will create storylines as advertisement clips. The story line:

  1. A teenager didn’t care about his eyes. He was just playing computer game every time. After years later, he got eye disease and at the end, the boy lost his eyesight then he needed to surgery. After the successful surgery, he realized to how important to care the eyes. Therefore, he didn’t play a long time to take care his eyes.
  2. The storyline will tell about our common activity.
    • Playing computer in distance at least 30 cm
    • Turn on the light when playing the computer to reduce radiation
    • Eat Vitamin A
    • If always in front of computer every 30 minutes must see the other object
  3. On one day a teenager see an advertisement about eye campaign that the other side of the street and what he see is blurring, but he did not change the his spectacles. By the time the teenager lost his eyesight. the teenager realize how important proper eyewear.
  4. One day an adult who always spending his free time to play his own devices and doing job about computer that makes him spend too much time to see the electronic devices. The adult feels hurt and tired about his entire activity. Furthermore it makes his eyes blurred and he refuse to use glasses When he doing his job in office suddenly he  feel bored and want goes around to see about the wonderful of viewing in a green meadow. After that he didn’t notice about what happen in front of him because he suffered deficiency viewing of too much use electronic device and his handphone suddenly a rock that fell from top of mountain he didn’t see and cant avoid them and died.


Supervisor’s Comments:




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