Ways and Ideas Advertisement Bundle

Ways and Ideas Advertisement Bundle

Arianto Agung Prabowo | I14005124

1. Introduction

The adverts are carefully crafted bundles of images, frequently designed to associate the product with vendor and developer to make a good nice product  “.The main objective of an advertisement is to alter the thinking pattern of the recipient, in order to ensure that he or she takes the sort of action desired by the advertiser”, (Bittlingmayer, 2008). Advertising can also known as a paid for media communication, and a means of managing and controlling the consumer markets at the lower cost . It is clear that advertisers seems quite make to manipulate people to buy the product .



Basically, an advertising bundle package consisting of advertising delivered to consumers through different methods and means and which bear information, images and slogans related to the same product or service being advertised. In essence, refers bundle advertising packages that are specifically designed to help commercial organizations to achieve what marketing promotional purposes in connection with specific products or services . In contrast to advertising a product or service using only one method of promotion, advertising techniques involving bundles of commercial organizations using a number of advertising messages that are bundled together using a variety of different methods, such as advertising on TV, radio, magazines and internet, newspapers etc and this creates an effect which has a greater impact on the people. “It is common for marketers to implement ideas of advertisement bundles that involve a combination of a number of advertisement messages and platforms in order to support the marketing and promotional efforts in relation to a specific product or services”,(Clancy and Kriegafsd, 2000)


2. Sample of advertisement bundle

 download The coca cola always become sponsorship of an event they make an attractive bundle. For me this advertisement is adequate because they use national flag from the country that joins the world cup
 images (1) Call of duty is the famous game but the product its not nice because they use the color black n blue which contrast
 download (2) This bundle its very nice and interesting because it tells us about Christmas time and polar bear is the mascot in winter time in Antarctica to tells us that have a snow




3. Personal reflection


I think I will make the ad bundle that can be easy to see and pull in and out with some event. and see what projects we do for example: because we are doing a project about eye care campaign so I will make an ad with a phone mobile factory and sponsorship with the hospital .I rather choose the mobile phone because nowadays everyone uses mobile phones and can harm the eye. Then I had to communicate with my team members who work to consider the logo and tagline for placing products and advertising clips. In creating an ad bundle I also need advice on visual elements such as: size, color, etc. of the members of the group responsible for this topic before. Once the ad is finished, we will discuss how we influence the reader to read and develop awareness of eye care campaign.

4. Conclusion


In conclusion to make advertisement bundles it has to choose which product that we want to use and have both sell for less attractive, it should be priced more aggressively than one who does not perform the bundling. Thus, bundling advertisements with well priced products can lead to a more aggressive and thus intensify product market competition. In this case, the ads can make things “ugly”.



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