Tips And Tricks in Designing Logo and Tagline

Tips And Tricks in Designing Logo and Tagline

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  1. Introduction

Logo word comes from the Greek language called Logos. Logos has meaning of thought, speech and mind. The logo is actually an abbreviation of Logotype, but now the term logo was more popular. There is no uniformity in interpreting the term logos. Logo usually contains text, images or a combination of both. Element text or writing on the logo logotype is usually referred to, while the symbol or picture that represents a word or meaning is named Logograms. Broadly speaking, the logo is a visual symbol form of a company, product, place, service, campus and others are seen by every person, that it contains elements of color, lines, shapes, and other elements of its design, which deliberately made ​​to give a certain meaning to the object represented.

In the early days of its progress, the allocation of logos types is not too complex likes now. First logo is just logos unspoken form such images, which were made by royal emblem’s craftsmen for the kingdom.

With the time running, the logo can be put as identity of product (“Trademarks”) not only applied for the importance of the kingdom likes before .The division of a simpler logo are divided into two parts(Murphy,1998):
1. “Word Marks or Brand Name or Logotype”, the logo of which an unspoken form (Logo which is able to be read/speak, such as: a word)
2. “Device Brand Marks or Mark or “Logograms”, which is an unspoken form (image).

There have logos that combine brand name and brand marks, for example:




Here are some types of logos(Murphy,1998):
index index
1. “Typographical”

This Logotype is more concerned about the name of the product. The logo has a series of characters to visualize name of product. This type of logo gives a message directly to customers, such as: SONY, SHARP, etc.
h1_sonylogo_x2 Sharp



  1. “Geometric typographical”It’s a logo made by using the company names or products with the style of geometric typographic , composed of geometric shapes such as ovals, circles or squares, such as the shape of an ellipse filled with the logo of ford. The flexibility and compact form are advantages of geometric typographical type of logo.




  1. “Initial Letter Logo”
    As the main factor of the logo, initial characters of company are used to make initial letter logo. This logotype shows the owner’s name occasionally of the combined company logo hardware manufacturers such as Hewlett-Packard (HP), Dolce & Gabbana, etc.




  1. “Pictorial Name Logo “
    Similar with Typographical, Pictorial Name Logo applies the name as an important component. Overall, very strong character and form are used to make this logotype like Coca-Cola, so another product’s name which used with typographic form as it will still be considered to Coca-Cola duplication.






  1. “Associative Logo”
    This logotype is referred to the product’s name or activity region, such as: aircraft maker logo which is “Aerospatiale”. The logo has sentences which form planetary ball which shows the range of activities that flight clearly, the “Shell” oil company logo image which shows as an oil producer, “Shell” gets it from the fossil shell, and “20th Century Fox” logo, hat depicts sparkling and magnificent cinema’s world. This logotype has strong meaning and can be understood easily.



  1. “Allusive Logo”The meaning of the logo is the logo that allusive figurative, such as the “Mercedes Benz” logo consisting of triangle shape that shows a car steering system representation of. This logotype, between the names of the logo and the logo don’t have direct relationship so it makes the logo is hard to understand.




  1. “Abstract Logo”The logo which is able to cause various impressions, that are affected by customer understanding. A very abstract form makes it happened. Sometimes the logo uses a structural form created by using various optical effects (optical illusion), such as: the “Citroen” logo; logo types are highly favored in America. This logotype has become a contemporary logo designs standard now. The abstract shape is at the downside of the logo, so it is difficult to be understood.







The tagline is a powerful marketing tool to motivate customers to support a brand.

Good tagline is one that is instantly recognizable by the audience. The tagline is a slogan or phrase that made ​​the advertisers in the form of visual and verbal acknowledge the importance of the benefits of a particular product (Supriadi,2014). . For example: Tagline apple, Apple using short but firm phrase “think different”. The slogan was used by Steve Jobs to Apple because he wants Apple into a company that is completely different from company competitors. Starting from the iPod, iTunes, iMac, iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air are the proofs that Apple is a company that is characterized by “think different” (Pengusahamuslim, 2011).

Type of tagline based on the characteristics (Media Bisnis Online Indonesia, 2014). :

  1. Descriptive
    The first trait is the characteristic of a tagline that explains the meaning of something, whether a product, service or business as a whole. The tagline is made ​​as short as possible but still has real meaning and There are many products that have a tagline is to explain the nature of these products, such as the World Bank HSBC with the tagline of your tradition.
  2. Specific
    The second trait is a tagline that positions itself as a product or service that is foremost in the field. It’s more to make customers become increasingly interested because it looks to have the top position in its ranks.
  3. Superlative
    If you have a specific intent to become the foremost in the field, Superlative positioned itself as the most superior. Look the same, but they still have a purpose and a different explanation.
  4. Imperative
    The next trait is Imperative, which means that is sent or describe an action. And the nature of this tagline usually begins with a verb.
  5. Provocative
    the last is Provocative, namely the nature of the tagline that invites or challenging the logic or emotion or provoke anyone who read it. Usually in the form of a series of sentences tagline verb or adjective, in Provocative usually use interrogative sentence.










  1. Existing Sample and Sharing

The examples of the logo with tagline and the sharing

index “Be part of the moment” It likes so many people expressed by colors want to take a chance/moment
index “Impossible is Nothing” Adidas doesn’t have the true color for the logo because if the shoes color is black the logo can’t be seen if used black color and the tagline represents that Adidas always want to improve or make the product more creative
images “Connecting People” Nokia always put the logo at the top of the mobile phone so it can be seen easily and Nokia is one of mobile phone manufacture that makes people connect easily.
index “Buy it. Sell it. Love it” It matches between the tagline and what user does in ebay
images “See what we mean” Canon is the producer of electronic devices like printer and camera then the tagline make the customer curious what service that canon provided and buy the product. That’s good enough
images “The happiest place on Earth” The tagline and the logo are match and we know that’s Disney is cartoon that will make the audience happy to watch it and Disneyland is place of Disney characters to make the passenger happy like they saw at TV



  1. Personal Reflection

I think I will make the logo that can be remembered easily and refer to what project we are doing for example: because we are doing project about eye care campaigns so I will make the logo related to the eye care. Perhaps I will choose typography, Geometric typographical or associative type of logo. For the tagline I will make the simple one so the readers don’t need to waste their time because the long the tagline, more boring to read, at the end the readers don’t read it and the simple tagline easier to remember. Then I must communicate with my team member who will work the advertisement bundle to consider the logo and the tagline to put at the product. In making the logo I also need suggestion about the visual elements such as: size, color, etc from group member in charge of this topic before. After the logo completed, we will discuss how we affect the reader to read and develop the awareness of eye-care campaign.

  1. Summary

Good logo and tagline are important to attract the attention of the reader to read or make awareness of the product, campaign, etc. However, making a good logo and tagline is not easy. There some elements that must be paid attention.

Tips to make good tagline:

  • Unique

Good tagline must be unique. If it is not unique, a tagline likes “pirated goods”. Unique tagline is usually able to strengthen the image of campaign or company.

  • Brief

It is true that the primary purpose of a tagline is explanatory as well as a tool to communicate the values ​​or benefits of product or goal. But we also have to realize that the tagline is too long also seemed unwise.

  • Timeless and should not be changed


It is rather funny as possible, but this is true. Good tagline should not need to be changed. If changed, it means the opposite tagline


These are the types of good logos:

  • Do not wear too many colors
  • Using the right font
  • Do not imitate other logo
  • Not too abstract

In conclusion, making good logo and tagline isn’t easy but there are tips to make it good. Logo and tagline are used as an identity of product, campaigned, etc to make difference between the competitors. The better your logo, will better the brand identity in the eyes of society.






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