Content and Effects in Advertisement Clip

Content and Effects in Advertisement Clip

Rizky Gunawan | I13004467

  1. Introduction


“Advertising is a form of communication that convinces a specific group of people to take action”, (Diana Alexandra Daia; 2013) such as viewers, listeners and readers. Type of the message in the advertisements can be the message that only tells the people about and event or product and the message that draw attention and persuade customers to buys their product. Because of that some group of people get advantage such as company. ”Good advertising may even create a brand identity for a product or series of products”, (V. Ryan; 2011) to make people change their current product to another product.


The first time advertisement use when Egypt era. They use it for a trading message and outdoor poster with using painting in wall or rock same as the other ancient era (Arabia, Asia and Greece). Now, the media we use for advertisement is radio, newspaper, television and online media to get access easily by people.


Advertisement clip is type of advertisement that using media video and sound to tell the main idea to audience and customers. Advertisement clip will catch viewer’s attention any time because of its content.


  1. Samples


Video 1: With use the unfortunate condition in other people life want to tell that rich is not condition that how much we have but how much we give and gives will make us happier. With adding a story of kids that frustrated and changing because of the motivated that given.


Video 2: With situation every people face that got disputed with our beloved love one and force our life to choose what they tell to us. We will regret that every people can chose their life them self and regret the time that been wasted for our force opinion to other people.


Video 3: In this video want to motivate people who unfortunate with the sickness especially children need our motivation and support more than medication only.


  1. Reflection


For make good advertisement clip, we need a mainline to tell the message in the video to the audience and make the mainline simple and easy to understand. To make it easy to understand they use the trouble that people facing in the real life and with the important word that have been said in the video. So I will make my advertisement clip simple and easy to understand about the message to the audience.


  1. Conclusion


We needs to use easy mainline for audience to understand easily for the topic and product with the help of message and the content in the video, in order to make the advertisement suitable with the situation of the presentation or exhibition.



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