Individual Progress Report





Editing the tweens and character movement.

I found out that each animation need some movement for 2d animation .The part tween is add the image before and after.For example the son /boy moving inside the office to found out why he’s father received many letter and collected by his father during him is still alive.


The movement entering the door with the door opened by the girl .I using frame by frame with 1 second per frame.The son moving inside to the office.I using classic tween to moving inside the office.

the movement entering the office


I using the text because i cannot express the word with the dream and hope .so i make the text to express the word feeling .This side i using frame by frame by adding keyframes.


This part is making the kids smile or happy during the father visiting them.

I only using the mouth to express the feeling of the animation by using frame by frame.

Beside that, i also making the chair using by this picture to make it like floating in the air cause our animation is alien.

alien smile


The father playing the ball to performance the show to make them everyday is fun,forget the pains and suffers.

I using multiple layer to making the ball moving and the hand.I using classic tween to moving the ball around to make it looks like playing the ball or performance the 3 ball playing.

joker playing ball


This animation showing the father keep working to collecting old newspaper,I using classic tween to make it move and when the image at the back come near then the size increases by frames.


The father giving water bottle to who is needs water for the sunny day ,to reduce thirsty.



I express the father sick by frame to show that the father is very tired and dizzy but he choose to keep moving because he believe helping people is a joy .I using keyframe and the eyes to show that he is sick.

sick1      sick


Personal Reflection

I found out that our team or member lack of communication  at the beginning of making the animation or separate the part .Beside that ,our meeting is need find specific time with other member because some has they work to do and some stay outside the campus.During the part everyone doing their part on time.After i found out that this project needs time to making the process of the animation compare to first assignment.Beside that, i found out that mostly i using tween to express the movement and feeling of the animation.

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