Group development process


In this group project, we require to do an animation based on a video. We had given a task which need to provide or created an animation video which the background audio should match with the sound of the video called “GIFT”. The duration of the video is about 7 minute. To create the content of the animation, we applied Adobe Flash Professional CS6. So, after we watched the video together, we decided to adopt the content from the original video. After that, we separated the part of the video to each other in order to complete the work as soon as possible due to late to begin our project.

Description of the editing and making process

In order to make the content more attractiveness, we decided to create our new character design, background design and think out some of the new idea about the contents. Our main theme of the video is about the planet. Thus, each of our design basically is based on what the planet have. Example like alien, spaceship, planet and furthermore. We have divided the project into different portions to our group members in order to rapid the making process of the animation video. Among the portions which is character design, animation design, background design, combination of the video (to combine the separated content/frame of the video which responsible by each members), accessories design, subtitles and others. So, below showing the distribution of each of the group members.

Ravinthar- responsible in accessories design, also the animation making. So on, did some  background design.

On Jian Ye – responsible in design the main character which represented the son and others supporting characters, design the background and animation making.

Tan Zhi Xian- responsible in design the second main character which represented the father of the video. Design the background. Next, also the animation making.

Lim Chih Lieh – responsible in animation making, give advice to the others group members and accessories design.

So, before we start doing the animation, we designed the character of the video. In this phase, we looking for some of the sources from the internet in order to get the best idea from its which will assist for our design phase. Some of us create the new character with using the trace method in order to produce the best visualization to the viewer. Most of the tools we applied on this phase by using the pencil tool and the line tools. After the character design is completed, we repeats much times of the original video in order to think out a new scheme for the video. Due to our theme of this video is about the planet world, so once we look back at the internet sides to find out what the planet actually is. Continue, we starting to draw sketch out the background scene in the paper. So with complete the background of the scene, we try to sketch out some accessories/equipment that we can apply in this animation video. So, after all of the sketched materials done, we discuss together in order to find out the best as our guidelines in designing the animation of the video by using Adobe Flash. So after the drawn part done, we starting to align the each of the lines of the objects so will be make us easily for colour on its later. During this process, we notice that zoom tools is effective use in this part which can enhance our visual abilities when adjusting the lines. We drawing the background with creativity and decoratively.

After the design phase had completed, we proceed to the next parts which applied the animation into the video content. Most of the skills we did apply here is using motion tween effects and also the classic tween effects. Even, we did using the shape tween effects for our last part of our animation effects.  Frequently, we applied the motion tween effects to bring in/out the flying objects to our stage or outside the stage. Even, we did adjust the width and height of the objects of its destination, which will increase the attractiveness of its. For example like we did adjust both the width and the height of the objects to become smaller at the destination part, so when it’s moving to destination, it will transform from bigger to smaller. Even, sometimes, we using frame by frame motion twinning into get the effects like eye blinking, hand-shaking and the others.

After the animation parts is finished, it the times we combined all our responsible tasks together in order to become an animation video. In this portion, we copy the all the frames from each of our work and merge them together by paste them inside a single file. We take time in this part due to sometimes the copied frame might be consume more time compare to the original video, so we need to find it out so we can remove it. The last part is the subtitles part which mean that we have applied the subtitles for each of our background scene. To do that, we create a new fla file to do with the subtitles. We used the text tools to write the subtitles based on what the tone in the video have. So, after that, we convert in to the symbol so we can drag it whenever needs.

Personal Reflection

So, we learnt many things during the process of doing this project. We willing to thanks each of our group members and lecturer to give us support when necessary. Even, we get to strengthen our language skills by talking to each other’s using different language. Next, we realized that what a teamwork’s is important to a group/team. A group with team spirit will produce a rapid and great projects at the end. For the example, we help each other’s when the members necessary for help. When the problem occurred, we try our best to find out the solution in case to solve it. Moreover, all of us always been on time for meeting. Also, every each of us willing to listen and accept each of the suggestion. Overall, we felt enjoyable and have fun during the process in deal with this project.

Storyboard design


Screenshot of the animation design

2 3 4 5 6 Capture




We are happy after all the animation video done. Although we were exhausted, but we glad to see the outcome of the project. And also we are proud with our background design compared to the other groups.(just the opinion of our group)

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