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In this group project, our group name as Donald Duck and is group number 4. During this group project, we have to use a software called Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to create a 7 minutes long animation video by applying the sound from a video that called “GIFT”. Before starting this project we have watched the video that describe a story about the father and son and converted the video into audio format which is MP3. Furthermore, our group have discussed and decided to choose Mushroom as our character and divide the scene into many parts. Then, we apply different background images and some accessories to follow the theme and content. After that, we have distributed the works into 3 tasks such as one member design the character, three members design the background images and accessories. Besides, we have designed a story according the scene that we divided and we start creating the animation video.

Description of the editing and making process:

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In the editing and making process, we had decided to finish all the character design, background images and accessories and then we only start doing the animation part. Firstly, we have designed mushroom as our character by using pencil tool, shape tool and paint bucket tool with gradient method in order to make the mushroom look more attractive. Besides, we also use line tool and shape tool to draw our background images and accessories and then use paint bucket tool with gradient method to make it look more interested. After done all the drawing jobs, then we continue with the animation parts.

During the animation part, the frame per second that we used was 25 and the mostly used method is motion tween. This is because we need to use it in the movement of characters and those necessary things. We do use the fade method with alpha style and classic tween into our animation video as well in order to flash back the scene into another scene. Also, we used frame by frame method in order to make the character seem like speaking. Furthermore, we have designed many interested designs such as “Magic stick with blinking effect by using frame by frame into the symbol, firework with different colours, tears dropping and so on. We do used the butterfly method that learned from the lab class as well.

Moreover, we added subtitles into our animation video in order to make the video more understanding for the audiences. We used text tool to type the words and white font colour in order to make it readable and of course we do synchronized it according with the animation.

After done all the steps, we finalize all the works then we adjust it properly in order to avoid latency. Since, we divided the jobs for different members, so there will some problem that will happen such as background colour not match with other background, subtitles not synchronize enough with the background and so on. Finally, when the animation video have completed, we keep watching the animation again and again and check whether got any problem or not.



  1. Chin Khok Cheong
  • Character design
  • Animate video


  1. Lee Zen Yang
  • Background and accessories design
  • Animate video


  1. Chin Mun Ching
  • Background and accessories design
  • Subtitles


  1. Tenny Raymand
  • Background design
  • Animate video



During this group project, we have learned and gained a lot of knowledge and experience and we knew that how the time management is important. This is because this project really not a last minutes work. We done this project in 1 weeks since we have another project to do so our schedule are not stable enough. However, we always be punctual on every meeting. Besides, each of us are putting a lot of efforts in this project but because of our software skills, it seem like not enough to create a professional animation video. Before doing this project, we are lack of communicate since we not so familiar with each other. After finished this project we seem like know more with each other. Furthermore, our weakness does not make us fall down but let us will do better and better than before, because we know that we need more experience and knowledge to come out with better results. This is what called “No Pain No Gain”.

Screenshots of animation:

1   2

3 4


5 6

7 8

9 10




In conclusion, we are very happy that we can finish this project with a good teamwork and do our best in creating this animation video. Although our video are not professional enough   but we are honoured and confident enough to show our result for the all the audiences.


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