Group Development Report- Group 2


In this assignment, we have to create an animation video that can synchronize with the audio extracted from the video “GIFT”. After we have done our first individual assignment, we knew that this assignment would be tough and time-consuming, since the first assignment was to make a 2 minutes long animation, and this group assignment requires a 7 minutes long animation. We decided to use the content from the original video and also modify them with our creativity.

Description of the editing and making process

First of all, we divided the group assignment into few parts which are accessories design, characters design, backgrounds design and animation design. Each of us have been assigned tasks. We decided to use the glove of Mickey Mouse as our character since our group name is Mickey.

Tasks distribution:

Member Tasks
Lok Jia En -Character design

-Animation design

Tay Wei Chuan -Background design

-Animation design

Tan Bon Hee -Accessories design

-Animation design

Kitson Lui Kit Soon -Background design








Before we start doing the animation, we designed the accessories and characters that needed in this animation video. In these design phase, we played the original video repeatedly and watched it carefully in order to note down all necessaries and characters that appeared in every scene. For most of the objects, we drew using pencil tool and pen tool. These tools allow us to draw whatever we want. To light up those objects, we made use of paint bucket tool. We found out that manipulating the color gradient can make the objects more attractive. Besides, tracing is a good drawing method for us to draw some complicated objects such as wheelchair.

Next, backgrounds designing came after all the characters and accessories have done. Same at the previous design process, we watched the video again and noted down the background appeared and its time stamp. Then, we start to sketch the backgrounds on a piece of paper. To make the backgrounds look better, we gave and shared our ideas and comments to each other. The latest sketch of the backgrounds act as a guide for us to design the backgrounds while using Adobe Flash. We realized some of the objects and places cannot be coloured. Thus, we found out there are a big gaps line between the object so we used pen tool to close the gaps and make use of “Close large gap” function.

In addition, we created subtitles for this animation video. Not only using text tool to type out the subtitles, we also need to consider the synchronization part. We need to repeat the video and adjust the subtitle and put it into the correct frame in order to make sure the subtitles are synchronized with sound. To increase the readability of the subtitles, we applied black color glow for the text.

We used motion tween for most of the animation part to make the objects and characters move specifically and need to do frame by frame motion twinning to do complicated moves such as jumping, walking, talking, crying and so on. We also added rotation effect when necessary and manipulate the alpha in order to make the screen fade out.

The last step is finalizing. We have to merge all the elements together. This is a challenging process since they are made by different people and eventually problems float out of surface. Problems such as colors did not match, background is not suitable with accessories, layer problem and subtitles blocking the content. It took us a quite amount of time to overcome these obstacles.

One remarkable thing to mention is that everything in the animation is hand-drawn. We didn’t use any bitmap graphic in this assignment.


Through this assignment, we understand that teamwork is very important in doing group assignment. Every member in the group must have a same understanding on what to do, and strive to the goal together. Without everybody’s effort, this assignment cannot be done on time. Every group member present in each of the meeting that we have held. Discussion within the group was very interactive too. We appreciate the moment where we worked together. This is the team spirit that we should always have. By doing this assignment, we also strengthened our communication skill. Everyone in this group is willing to listen to ideas and comments from each other.

Screenshots of animation

scene1 scene2

scene4 scene5 scene6 scene7


We have given our best in doing this assignment. Although the animation that we made is not perfect, we are happy with the output and we are proud to show it to our classmates.

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