Ravinthar Krishnan-Group Project

Characteristics to my self to be for professional

to be one of member of my group i should so some insentience with my group member. Basically as a team its important to complete my task to be successful on task of my project on creating small animation video. my team member also must communicate with each other is an important collective action in the case of the subject of harmony. Due to the lack of skills of myself to lead my team, so I need to improve my level of skills to talk in order to get a better communication with each of members in my group. Each of us must work to prove to complete the project because we were late to start our work. Each one of us work to achieve a shorter time to complete our independence. Finally, I have to train people to become more bear. Sometimes different views among members of the group also have slow down the progress of our work but we still manage to complete the project on time.

Individual process on the project

On this project i have take role on to complete the last scene background of the video animation. I use all the tools have been thought my lecturer Miss. Leow Fui Theng for example on the last scene they will be appear of the scene that the son realist of his father sacrifice to him. I even take role to combine all all the frames to one frames to make the video animation run smoothly. Adding the sound from the real video also i used AUDIACITY software to extract the sound of voice out from the video.Because it is really need to spend a lot of time and spirit to complete a fantastic project. It almost drives me crazy while I am facing some problems. For example, I couldn’t fill in the colour to complete my background design. Finally, I found the problem is because of my drawing is an object. Then, I told myself people always learnt from mistake. So, in this section, in the first place, and I would like the members of my team and the teacher thanked me for the opportunity to participate in this work. In addition, I am pleased to see that the performance of my group projects. My job is to do accessories personal activities, and so on visits in the group combined. But I was lucky the result, and due to an enjoyable break with members of my team. Below is the screenshot during my progress on creating the background from my animation and joining the frame all together. during adding the sound to the frames i face a lot of problem such as background sound effect from the original video but i manage to solve the problem. subtitle adding to the video also must be as same like the voice background.


I used alot of motion tween since my frame effects mostly used the motion tween.The character movement i used frame by frame due more effective using that skill then bone tool.Subtitle issues,we start to paste the subtitle on end of the project to avoid the voice music did not be different with the voice.All the subtitle have been converted to symbol.



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