individual report (group assignment


As one the group members, I need to be responsible. so I have to done the work which is my part before the due date of assignment. Besides, i need to be actvie in group discussion and giving out more and more idea for make the animation video become more interesting which could lead us to score higher marks. Due to lack of teamwork and a lots of reason i get, so the work keep delay. By the way i learnt to be patient and try to control my emotion since the work not done by everyone. As a group member they should do their own work but not standind there and keep command there and giving out reason such as “I dont know how to do, so you need to work harder”. I had tried my best for this animated video even the output was not really good.

Individual Contribution

Contribution i had given to this assignment was design the characters, since the initial design for character is sitckman and i feel its was too ugly and I change the design for characters. There were so many characters in the video and all the character have different range of age. So i do choose smurf as our character since i can draw it on different range of age. Due to others group members told me that they dont know how to use the bones tools for making movements of characters, i need to work on it and also teach them how to do it.

personal reflection

Before this semester start, I was full with expectation with this subject, but now I was really hate to do animation because its need to spent a very long time to done it. I wish in future subject i could choose my group member by my ownself. I’m not the type which will initiative to ask others to work together but once they ask me come out to meet, I will be there. But in this group, there were too less time of meeting and they always got their reason to absent or delay the work. Summore, they just command there and told me they dont know how to do it. They had done the work which need to be attentive such as how many scene, how many characters, time gap and others. I was really lazy to work for this part of work. At the end i had tried my best for this animation video and i wish to get a fair mark.

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