Individual (Group) Report

As one of the group members, I will have to train myself to be very responsible. I have to play my role as a Group leader and complete what I have to do before the due date.I also have to attend all the meetings and be on time and at the same time make sure that i set a meeting date and all the members of the group are aware that their is a meeting.My level of abilities to have the capacity to correspond with my gathering individuals needs to improve with each of individuals in my gathering. Each of us must work to demonstrate to finish the task in light of the fact that we were late to begin our work. Every one of us work harder as the time was less and to finish our venture. Here and there diverse perspectives among individuals from the gathering likewise have ease off the advancement of our work however despite everything we figure out how to finish the task on time.


Individual Contribution and Work Progression

My contribution to this assignment is the character movements in the animation by redrawing the characters,This is to separate the body parts and so that the body can walk and move with their hands and legs,I make them move using the bone tool like what I learnt in my lab class. Adding the sound from the real video also i used AUDIACITY software to extract the sound of voice out from the video.Because it is really need to spend a lot of time and spirit to complete a fantastic project.Besides, I also did the movements and the subtitles together with my  vice group leader. The process of this animation is firstly, I watch the ‘Gift’ video a few times to understand the meaning of this video. I watched for like 5 to 6 times so that I’m able to capture the important parts. I also find out the total of characters we needed for this animation. I would like to thank the members of my team and my lecturer to give me this opportunity to be the group leader and participate in such an activity that teaches me alot not only about the project but also about my group members, the tool that i used the most is the bone tool as to which i was not comfortable with now i can use it thanks to the assignment it taught me how to use it.

Personal Reflection

Through out this assignment, I’ve been learning a lot and need to improve working skills as a team, and also developed a hardworking mindset, improve drawing skills and self-management. I did have a bad self-timetable at the begin and that was because of other course’s tests and assignments that are their every few days. But later on I finally managed to control my time table and complete my animation work accordingly. It’s great to have such motivated group members because all the works can be done together efficiently.



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