Proposal for eye care awareness event

Event Background

  • subject: Eye care awareness event
  • Title: eye-care campaign 2014 – love your eyes
  • Time: 2014
  • Location: Malaysia



  • Aware people about eye care
  • How to protect your eyes
  • How to prevent from eye disease
  • How to choose a proper eyewear
  • How to improve your vision


Concept & idea

  • Logo, tagline and mascot
  • Poster design
  • Advertisement bundle
  • Presentation clip story line




Logo, tagline and mascot




  • We decide to use a lady inside love shape to represent our logo, and highlight the eye
  • As we know that woman, is symbol of love and care
  • We put the tagline according to the curve of hair in order to create a soft and flow view.
  • Three colour were chosen. Pink represent love and care, green represent harmony and safety, black to highlight the logo and words.





Love, care & protect YOUR EYES


  • We try to put our tagline into 5 words, in order to make it simple, DIRECT and easy to remember.
  • Tagline are straight forward and understandable.






  • We design this cute character as our mascot.
  • This character had named as Medama mean eyes ball  in Japanese language.
  • He is small and fragile, but has a strong spirit and great love for others.
  • Same as our eye, is small and fragile, but from it, we can feel the love and spirit from others.



Poster Design


Web banner




Event bunting








  • A funny glasses bookmark made from hard paper.
  • When fold can use as book mark. When open can use as funny glasses.
  • The outer part of the glasses which other people saw will be decorate with different eye emotion.
  • The inner part which wearer saw will fill with eye care tips and event information.
  • Creating a promotion effect as wearer will tend to use the funny glasses to pose and take picture and upload to social network.





Advertisement bundle


  • As the objective had mention, we are propose for an eye-care awareness event. We decide to bundle our event advertisement with health and eye care product. Another reason of choosing health and eye care product, due to lifestyle trend.
  • We had choose 4 different category of product
    • Pharmacy product
    • healthy lifestyle product
    • Drink product
    • prescription glasses product


Pharmacy product



  • Blackmores is a brand from Australia which have more than 70 years that earn trust globally.
  • As we know vitamin a is good for eye.
  • Nowadays people prefer something fast and easy to manage their health.


Healthy lifestyle product



  • Osim is a company from Singapore that mainly manufacture for healthy lifestyle product which had more than 1000 outlets in 30 countries.
  • Today’s modern lifestyle can lead to stresses on the eye, causing eye strain, tiredness or worse, deterioration of one’s eyesight.
  • Icare200 is a product that use to massage around eye area to help consumer to feel relief and relaxed.


Drink product


  • For this cateogory we will use carrot juices products.
  • As we know, since years ago our older generation always advise us to consume carrot as it is good for eye.
  • In fact, carrots contain beta-carotene which is a substance that our bodies used to convert it to vitamin A, which is important nutrient for our eye’s health.


Prescription glasses product



  • Gunnar optiks is a company based in us since 2007, which specific in designing eyewear as safety glasses and protect eyes from computer vision syndrome.
  • As we know world today are highly connected to media and network. We highly depend on computer, tablets, hand phone and etc. which might lead computer vision syndrome.
  • Hence people tend to search for product such as gunnar eyewear in order help to protect their eyes.




Storyline for advertisement clip


STORYLINE 1 by Tommy

  • An IT worker who work in the office facing the computer nonstop every day. Suddenly in one day, he feel that his eyes pain and cannot continue working for long time. When the worker having a weekend and go to shopping mall when the worker pass by the pharmacy and see the vitamin A so the customer go in to the pharmacy and ask about the vitamin for the eyes, where the employee of the pharmacy give the worker the vitamin A from Blackmores company, the pharmacy employee tell the worker to have this vitamin to take care of the eyes, and the pharmacy will be conduct about our eye-care campaign that are soon happening at the shopping mall.


STORYLINE 2 by Mak Jun Chyi

  • Thomas is a naughty boy. He always ridicules his friends who wear glasses. One day, he found that his vision getting blur. He not dares to tell his mother about this. Because he scares his mother bring him to do checkup and need to wear glasses after that. So he keeps this as a secret and not bothers it. He continues his life with study, playing games and watching television. One day, his teacher asks him to read the sentences that were written on the black board. He cannot see clearly what the teacher actually written and he just keep silent at the moment. The teacher does not know what is going on with him and just scold him in the class. Finally, thomas go back home and tell his mother about his eyes and he tell his mother he don’t want to wearing glasses. His mother plan to bring him to do the checkup in the optical shop at the shopping complex. They pass by the osim shop and they found that many people are sitting there and testing the osim eye care product. So thomas and his mother decide to test for the product also. The promoter tells them about the product and also invites them to attend the eye-care campaign 2014 which located in the 1st floor of the shopping complex.


STORYLINE 3 by Kenny

  • A primary or a secondary boy school in malaysia will hold an event about the importance of your eyes. The school will invite some PC gamers to the school and also their own pcs to the school to show them first hand. The PC gamers will for example play games for many hours a day without stopping. The gamers will slowly show sights of tiredness, massaging their backs, and most importantly their eyes. They will rub their eyes or to wash their eyes whenever they feel exhausted while playing the games. Overall, this will affect their eyes vision. From this event, or a play, the student that are still learning will be aware of this issue and they will be more concern of their own eye sight than to ignore it just like those PC gamers. This will allow the students when they are older to care for their own eyes and not affect their vision.


STORYLINE 4 by Heng Kok Wei

  • Story start with a hardworking study that always use his free time to read book. But he always didn’t notice about his environment when reading. Most of time he read under environment that doesn’t bright enough. Suddenly friendly mascot jump on his book and advice about his actions and causes. In the end, before story finish, mascot will mention about the eye-care campaign that will happening soon and audience to join then.


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