Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that I need to train yourself

I am the member of the team, I think the characteristics that I need to train myself is doing the task that has assign to me when in the discussion and have to complete the thing on time that we have set, so when we have the meeting for this project I can have a new progress to doing the next task, so that I won’t be delaying the whole group project progress.

Individual contributions / Making process

I have assign to do the background, subtitle and outro for this project.

First and foremost. I starting this project by watching the video for few times and when the discussion among group member I have noted down that the background I need to draw on a piece of paper. Almost all the background I browse for internet source and I trace it, because my drawing skill is not so good, so I have to use the image to trace it. The background that I draw is using the pen tool to joint point by point and I adjust it to make it same as the background that I browse from internet. I found out that the pen tool is easier to use because we just need to joint the point and adjust the shape or curves. I also have to color the background, I found out that I can’t fill the color by using the paint bucket tool, after I told my friend they have teach me the way to fill the color by closing the large gap between the image.

Next, the subtitle also is the most tired part for me, typing the text is so simple that take an hour or two can finish it, but the harder part is synchronized, I have to adjust the frame to make it appear in the correct time frame, then I have to listen the video again and again, it take time and very boring until I know the subtitle will appear next. Lastly, I also doing the outro for this project, I use the classic motion tween to make the word move from bottom to above, so it will look well. For the subtitle and the outro I do apply the glow for the words, so it may have some pattern and increase readability of the words, all the word are adjust to fit the screen.

Example of Background, Subtitle and Outro I contributed

Screenshot (42)

Screenshot (43)

Screenshot (44)

Screenshot (45)


Screenshot (47)

Personal Reflection

I really think that I am not skillful enough to using this software, some tools I still no idea or don’t know how to using it. This course’s assignment really is a time consume project because it need creativity, idea, drawing skill and so on. I feel tired to do the subtitle, because by listen repeatedly the video audio again for many times, it make me crazy and boring, it really take my time to put the subtitle to the correct frame, but I don’t know why, when I open the file next time the subtitle run a bit that are not in the correct frame, but when I do I listen is in the correct frame. I can’t find out the reason. I have also learn to use the color glow for the subtitle and outro, and I also realize that the strength of the color glow for the subtitle and outro can be more than 100% which I didn’t know before.

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