Individual Progress Report

As one of the group members, I will have to train myself to be very responsible. I have to play my role as a member and complete what I have to do before the due date. I also have to attend all the meetings and be on time. This is something we all must have which is punctuality. Normally our meetings are held after lab class because that is the only time we are free. We could not have night meetings because everyone has their own events. Besides, I have to be really active in my group because it is the only way to communicate with my teammates. If all the members in the group are active, it is equal to having a strong team spirit which is much needed if we want to complete this assignment. Teamwork is also important during group projects. If there is no teamwork, we cannot do our job perfectly. That is why so many problems occurred during the process of making this animation video because we lack of teamwork. I also learnt to be patient dealing with my teammates because sometimes they will missed the meetings and not handing their works on time. I also have to be creative and understanding while doing this animation because animation is all about imagination which is a skill I do not have. Last but not least, I have to have the characteristic of not to give up on my work and fight until the last second.

Individual Contribution and Work Progression
My contribution to this assignment is the character movements in the animation by redrawing the characters my group member draw using onion skin. This is to separate the body parts and so that the body can walk and move with their hands and legs. I make them move using the bone tool like what I learnt in my lab class. Besides, I also did the movements and the subtitles together with my group leader. The process of this animation is firstly, I watch the ‘Gift’ video a few times to understand the meaning of this video. I watched for like 5 to 6 times so that I’m able to capture the important parts. I also find out the total of characters we needed for this animation. Then I started to design the characters and draw out all the scenes like a storyboard. I couldn’t show you my storyboard since I was supposed to snap and upload it here because Wunna took the whole thing because he was doing the background and that’s it, he never return me. I drafted out in papers using pen first then I showed it to my group members to see if they want to do any changes about the scenes or what. One of them wanted to change the characters. Instead of stickman, he wanted to change into Smurfs which is ridiculous because Smurfs is not easy to draw at all yet he said he could do it. So in the end, we decided he will do the characters part since he volunteered. I labelled down all the main characters for him so he knows what to draw. Another member volunteered to draw all the backgrounds needed in this video because it is easy for him. So the group leader and I did the character movements which is extremely hard. We used the tweens to do the movements and texts for the subtitles. We also choose the font types so that it will be very easy for the audiences to read.

Personal Reflection
To be honest, I really hate doing this animation because it’s not my type of work but I have no choice but to do my own part because it’s my responsibility to finish it. I am really happy this semester is over. I never hate one subject so much before in my entire life. I do not hate the theory part, I only hate to do the animation part. It is my second time in doing this animation video yet I am still as bad as ever. I’m never good in this kind of drawing things. But I am thankful for my group members because they guide me on how to do the animation since they know I am very bad at it. They never look down on me which I’m glad because this gave me strength to do my work. They taught me the skills one by one which I really appreciated a lot. Besides, I’ve realized making animation is very time consuming. No matter how early you start, it’s still never enough for you. Problems keep occurring and having to think the solutions to solve them is a headache. I rarely have time to sleep and with all the problems I am having right now isn’t really helping. Everything is making me very stress yet I am doing my best to produce this video with my group members. The movement of this animation might not be smooth but we really tried our best in creating this video. They all work very hard for this too. Even though our animation is not the nicest compared to the rest, at least we had the outcome. I’ve gained another experience in doing animation and I learnt not to give up no matter how hard something is.

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