Individual progress report

The characteristics that I need to have/train myself:

In this group project, my group is group 4 and as a group mates I have to learn and train myself become more cooperation and improve the skill with discuss with group mates ,cause of I also have a lot of things that unknown and should communication with group mates and increase my skill from them. And the way that hard is every group mates times are different and hard to meeting so need to really communicate as a good way to reach a consensus. Group work is for improve how while you need combine the work with group mates. The most important is the group work must match with each other, not doing self by self.

Individual contributions / making process:

In this group project, I was making the background and the accessories. For the background, I just follow the video sound that I draw the storyboard draft to show to my group mates that concept of the video. And I just start to draw the background and a bit accessories for the background.


this background that was i design and my group mates help me change some angle and item and insert some equipment from group  mates draw.some of that i have use internet to find some picture to follow to draw by brush tool and also have use line tool and the shape tool.





this is the equipment that i draw by using line and shape tool ,other that was draw on a zoom in when finish then zoom out become small and no need to draw so hard on small things, and my group mates have make it a little bit changes

And the subtitle work was work in process by see the original video and record all the script on paper and include some effect word final juz type in computer and create a key frame with a sentance and add in sound to match the sound with the word and also with the no talking part insert blank key frame for showing nothing and the button has create simple while pass by will change color when click also will change also.



Personal Reflection

Lastly, in this group project I learn a lot of skill in animation, I feel that is easy for me that I first time to see this project and the video but while I start this project, it make me feeling stress. Cause of this video have many screen that was keep changing, and the hard I feel is the animation movement. That is a part that so important by animation and I more prefer to use frame by frame and other im not so clear how to use it but I will keep try and ask my groupmate. And now the project is still in progress and I’m doing the subtitle now and I try to make it clear and show it match the video nicely. Other way that animation have many way so make it but I know that we just using the basic way, I’m still support the way that use by hand drawing on paper and I more think that is easy and the original way to present a designer idea, cause of I think that have many designer will cut something difficult to draw while using computer, so that the animation will less a fully creative and idea shown on the animation by using computer drawing.

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