Individual progress report

Characteristics to train myself

So, as a team member in the group, I have to train myself to be more actively in the group. Basically, a team spirit is important from a team/group to complete their tasks, every each member should work unity so the progress won’t be slow down. Next, to be an on time person. Due to each of us lives in different places and some of our members need to work, so, usually we just can have a meeting at night. Thus, I train myself won’t be late to arrives the venue for the meeting. Moreover, communicate to each other’s is also an important issue to a team work in a harmony situation. Due to the lack of language skills of myself, thus, I have to improve my speaking skills level in order to have a more smooth communication with my group member. So, of course, hardworking is needed by myself to prove or to rapid the progress to finish the project due to we had late to begin our work. Every each of us work independence to achieve the shortest time to complete our work. Lastly, I have to train myself to become a more tolerate person. Sometimes, different opinions among the group members will then slow down the progress of our work.

Individual contribution, process making of the project

So, in this assignment/ group project, I have to most responsibility to the part of design the character, furniture and background for our scene. I have to draw characters something like main character, and also the supporting role casts. Next, to design the non-action object act to become alive which is animation. Like apply motion tween effect on an objects to let its move around according to my drawing.

At the first of this assignment, I did watching the given topic video which is a Singapore inspiration short video called “Gift”. I repeat watch the video much of times in order to associate a new animation story lines in my mines. So, after the ideas come out, I did shared it with my teammates so they agreed the ideas from me. After that, we separated our works for later combinations.

Follow, I try to searching the internet resources to have a look what exactly an alien look alike. After the inspiration is comes, I start to have my drawing. The first character that I draw is about the main character which called 9 Zai. 9 Zai basically like a humans which also have a pairs of hand and twins of legs. However, the most uncommon part compared to the humans which is 9 Zai got a pairs of things that look like antenna. So what is the function of it? You can measure on it as a basically decoration for a part of the character or else maybe bring some mystical functions. Most of the drawing skills applied on my character is using the pencil tools and also the line tool. When the drawing is finish, I try to find out the most suitable colors from the paint bucket tool to fit on its. To make the character see from some different views, I have applied the free transform tools and also the 3D rotation tools which used for rotate the character.

Next, for the background design, I have also references to some of the graphic that already in the internet to get some ideas. Due to our main themes is alien, so, the background must be more differently compared to the normal people. Sometimes, I did implemented the trace objects method in order to achieve a more nicely visual scene. To let the background become more attractive, I take some times to find out the suitable colors for the background scene in order to match with the others accessories inside the background like furniture. Linear and radiant color gradient is the most common used to filling the background of the scenes.



The character design that I did.

Next, is the favorite background design among my background drawing. Which is the

Father room scene (before and after applying the color on it)


Personal Reflection

So in this part, at the first, I will like to thanks to my group members and lecturer to give me the opportunity to participate in this project. Next, I’m glad to see my performance during the process of the group projects. I had try my best to used different language skills to communicate with each of the group members although it is not very well. My self-responsibility gained due to complete the tasks and also always be on time person during the group meeting. About the opinion from the others member through my works, basically, I still can’t be fully acceptable what the others members suggest to me, but I try hard to willing their answer and make some improvements that what I can make without breaking my baseline. Lastly to said, although the process is cased me exhausted due to another assignment is given. By handling two of this project, I needs so sacrificed my sleeping hours in order to complete this two project which is submit on the same due date. However, I felt glad to see the outcome and also felling enjoyable with my group members thanks.




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