Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that I need to train myself

In this project, I am group member responsible for design background. This is my first time with group using by adobe flash to design the animation video. So I very excited and expect. Our character is about a mushroom. In the discussion, in the sense that we were all comfortable to express ideas or thoughts to each other and that each member was motivated to discuss as they want to do the best they can for their part. I think our group can do well in this project because we are very positive. I think I need to improve and train myself such as time control, drawing skill, communication skill and understanding of the adobe flash. That, and the fact that my drawing skills are mediocre at best, made this assignment a very large hurdle, disregarding the time constraints. So i think i need to train there and improve to do the best of the project. I will try my best to complete it.

Individual contribution/ Making process

My responsibility in this assignment is design the background and accessories making. I also has to create the animation, in the video has so part is my work. But the animation design is still on the progress. So i can’t to describe more. Background and the accessories in the video is real life, so I think if I follow the video to design the background and accessories is very hard and many problem to do and complete it. I have played the original video and watch it carefully. As the video is playing, I paused the video from time to time and jot down the objects that I need to draw as well as the time stamp. I have find so example and the information on the internet to design the background. I only use the pencil tool and line tools to draw the background and use text tool to draw so text on the paper and so on. I also have use the paint packet tools to color the background and accessories. Sometime I will use the example accessories image from internet to trace and modify if follow the outline to draw.

1.1 Background before and after I trace:


1.2 Example background that I design:


1.3 Example accessories that I make:


1.4 Example after merging with background:



Personal Reflection

Lastly, in this assignment I learned and understand a lot in Adobe Flash. At first, I felt that the task for me was impossible because it is really hard to do when I heard create an animation this assignment overall was a good hands on activity that tests the knowledge and skill acquired through the lectures and tutorials. I think it as a way to test my skill and creativity in relation to designing and using the specified software. I feel like I could have done much better if I had more time to practice with the software In terms of how I feel about doing the assignment. Our group use more than one week time to do this project already, and the animation part is still progress. So i think we will increase our speed to complete it. Besides that, I think the animation part is the most hardest in this project. This really make me crazy because it need to be very patient by adjusting the objects. However, I hope I can improve more in this software skills.

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