Individual progress report (GROUP)


The characteristics that I need to have/train myself:

In our group project, my group named ‘Donald Duck’ and I am the group leader. As a group leader, I have to train myself hard to communicate and hardworking with my group mates. Since, this is my first time of becoming a group project leader and I try to come out a lot of ideas but because of my leadership level, it seem like not powerful enough to lead my group up. This is the trouble because I am not familiar with my group members and my leadership level still haven’t reach the level yet. However, I will practice and train more on my leadership skills and try to communicate more with my group members.


Individual contributions / making process:

In this group project, we had distributed the works into three 3 tasks which are character design, background image design and accessories design for the background image. For the character design, I am the one who contribute for it and we had decided to choose a cartoon mushroom as our character. I also animate some of the part of the animation video.


First of all, I get a cartoon mushroom image from internet and then import into the library. Below is the image from internet:


After that, I trace it out into the stage and then I use pencil tool to follow the outline of the image and then click the smooth method in order to make the outline look more smoothly. After completed the outline drawing, I use the paint bucket tool to colour it with gradient method in order to look more attractive. Besides, I used oval shape tool to add many circle shapes on the mushroom’s head. Lastly, I used pencil tool to draw the face for the mushroom and complete the character design.

These are the mushroom character that I have done, I have modified and come out with many of different types of mushroom character in order to apply it in our animation video.



Furthermore, in the animation part, the  method that I have used is motion tween, frame by frame and fade method. I used a lot of motion tween on the mushroom in order to make the mushroom move in the stage. Below is showing one of the part that I used motion tween:



Below is the example of using classic tween with fade method:

5 6

As the images above will show the second image will be fading.

Below is the example of frame by frame method that use to make the mushroom seem like keep talking:



Personal reflection:

In this group project, if I have to evaluate my own performance for this project. I feel like if I could have more leadership experience and communicate with my group member well, we can done this project very well. The weakness does not make me fall down, this only will push me up become better and better. Because I knew this is my first experience to become as a project leader. Furthermore, I will learn more leadership skills and communicate knowledge and always be a volunteer in the future group project. This could improve me a lot and help me in my future life. Lastly, in this project really consume a lot of time that out of my expectation and it is difficult to come out with a perfect animation video. I can imagine that how a professional animation video need to have a huge time to be done.

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