Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that I need to have/train myself

When doing a group assignment, the communication between group members is one of the important parts. I have to improve myself in this part. If not, our group project will be lack of consistency. Thus I need to gather my group member when we are free and have a group discussion. In the group discussion, I have to share my ideas to my group members and listen their suggestion to improve our group work. Besides, I have to be more creative and imaginative in drawing a 3-D animation. I need to watch some example in YouTube or anime to improve my imagination.


Capabilities and skills with the software used

For designing a character in my animation, I searched 2 different cartoon character in Internet. Then, I combined their head and body become a new character. Did you watched “Spongebob Squarepants” before? I used Squidward Tentacles’s head and Patrick Star’s body to combine together. So, a new character is born.

First, I modified both of the image to break apart. Then, I erase the part that I don’t want and combined them together to convert a symbol. But now, I still have to edit the neck part and the colour. So, I paste the symbol in another layer and drag the layer to below of the layer you want to draw. And now I can trace the outline to draw the character.

For filling the colour, I used the radial gradient to let the colour looks more attractive. First, I double clicked the arrow icon which is below the colour bar. Then I selected the colour that I want. Same thing I did to the another arrow icon.

colour setting

I made the action and movement of character to match the background music.  Sometimes there are the sound effects such as close the door, then the action of character must be consistency. Besides, making the character blink while he is talking is important. First, I designed 2 different expression of character which are blink and without blink. Then, I put the “without blink character” first. After 5 frames, I put the “blink character” in same position. I kept repeat the same steps 5 times. So, the character will blink vividly.

no blink   blink


Personal Reflection

After I done the project, I really admire the people those do the anime. Because it is really need to spend a lot of time and spirit to complete a fantastic project. It almost drives me crazy while I am facing some problems. For example, I couldn’t fill in the colour to complete my background design. Finally, I found the problem is because of my drawing is an object. Then, I told myself: people always learnt from mistake. Besides, I learnt that colour design also is one of the important part in creating an animation video. If you used wrong colour, then it will influence the visual effect. So, when I am designing the background, I will consider to the brightness contrast.

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