Individual Progress Report

Characteristic that I need:

To do this project, I need good imagination and drawing skills. My drawing skill is not that good. In order to draw better I used sources for internet as a tool to help me in doing this task. I should get involved and communicated with my group members to get the feed backs form them for work I have done.

Individual Contribution:  

The task given to me is to design the back ground. As there were many scenes, we have divided the work among group members. Each member did six backgrounds in order to make the work get done in a short period. I design my background with line tool, drawing tool and object tool. I make wise use of colors to make the background to look attractive. I have tried my best in designing the background.


I gave my best in this project and I’m still trying for it. My group members did the job given to them better than me and they always been very supportive to me. I can’t concentrate much in this project because I had few assignment submission and test on that time but I hope will get my job done without any problem and I have to improve my drawing skills.


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