Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that i need to train myself

I have to train myself to be more creative and confident in drawing. To create an animation video, creative is necessary. I lack of creativity, so sometimes i need to think harder and a long time for an object. Of course, i also have referred to some internet resources act as a drawing guide. Not only that, i often think that i could’nt draw a beautiful object then i give up and discontinue to draw the object. I need to be more confidence in myself.

individual contribution/ Making process

My duty in this project is to design background scenes and fill up the color.

First of all, i watched the video repeatedly. I noted down the time of every background that appeared in the video. After that, i started to draw some sample backgrounds on a piece of paper. Then, i got some advices from my group members and i started to use Adobe flash to draw the backgrounds.

Most of the background i made use of pen tool to draw.  For me pen tool is more easier than pen to draw the background because it can produce tidy and solid objects. Not only backgrounds, i also have designed some accessories that suitable for the backgrounds such as newspaper, book rack and so on. In order to make it looks better, i have to design the object’s point of view.

Filling up the colors in the background also included as a part of background design. During the coloring phase, i realized some of the objects cannot be filled with colors. Then, i found out between the objects there have a big line gap. So, i used selection tool and pen tool to tied up the lines. I also found out there are 4 types of color which are solid color, linear gradient, radial gradient and bitmap filled. But i only used first 3 types of coloring option to color the background. Color mixing makes the backgrounds and objects more attractive and  appealing.

Furthermore, i also participated in doing the another 25% of animation which is after my group member tan bon hee work. I used motion tween method to set up the character movement. Other than that, i also used frame-by-frame to create the character emotion as example, the crying movement of the character. Animation is the hardest part in this project work.

Example of my background design :





Personal Reflection

We need to be more attentive in multimedia project. I have really tired to find and close the gaps between the lines. In addition, to do an animation project we need to consider many things such as designing, coloring, frame, organizing and the synchronization of the sound. A project cannot be completed by a person, so we do need to have a strong communication between group member. I have enhanced my skills and also learned to compromise with each other. This is a valuable and good group project.





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