Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that I need to train myself

Everyone have a weakness and when you face your weakness means is a good time to improve and reduce the number of your weakness. In this project my weakness is colour and sense of drawing. I do draw but i only do mono colour abstract drawing which is not  usable in this project. Thus I trained myself to draw as good as possible by referring to all the resources i could find from the internet such as samples and guides. In this assignment we should not neglect communication as well although we divide the project into parts still we need to make sure everything we made is matching each others.

Individual contribution/ Making process

In this project my task is Design all the available characters, their accessories and also animate part of the animation. Firstly i will have to determine how many types of characters we need in this project and we determined that is round 7 character needed. I decided that we use Glove from Mickey mouse as our character design. With this information i start to design our characters.


The above image show the first step of my character designing which i create all the parts such a eyes mouth body clothes that i think will be useful then only combine them like “Lego” to create the individual characters.


The image above show that a complete designed character with all the symbol parts where it will be converted into single symbol afterwards. All possible characters is build with a sample set which save into symbol to make it easier for my team to use and review.

Now about animation I do initial part of the animation which is around 50% of it and i realized the method i used the most is motion tween as we need all the object to move specifically and need to do frame by frame motion twining to do complicated moves. The image below will show the character walking around thinking about stuffs scene and he will jump around.



One jump need 2 tween to complete where one is ascending and another one is descending.  The second most used method will be Layer Masking where is used alot in scene of talking for example the image below it shows the scene when the 2 main character were on call.


In part like this we need a higher priority layer which contain the open mouth frame for a short time then keep repeat it according to the speech to make talking illusion.

Personal Reflection

I think multimedia assignment always consume lots of times because we are not familiar with the software itself unlike other assignments which mostly use word processing software which we are very familiar of. Thus i realize we did not get a good scheduling due to our inexperience but still we do think that we will manage to finish it before Wednesday. This project given me knowledge and let me learned lots of skills that i never explore to such as animate a while video/short film that is made by others which you need to animate according to the original sounds. Still i do think this is a great project.

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