Individual Progress Report

Characteristics that I need to train myself

I have to train myself to be more hardworking. To develop this animation, laziness is not tolerated because my group and I start this assignment late and we only have around 10 days to do it. Besides that, I also have to be more independent in making minor decisions. The assignment would be distributed to different tasks and every member in the group has their responsibilities to focus on. I shall train myself to be capable of working independently. However, I need to learn how to communicate with group members as well, this is a group assignment overall.

Individual contribution/ Making process

My responsibility in this assignment is accessories making. I have to design and draw all the objects that appear in the original video, such as coins, table, newspapers and etcetera.

Firstly, I played the original video and watch it carefully. As the video is playing, I paused the video from time to time and jot down the objects that I need to draw as well as the time stamp. After go through the video for the first time, I watched for a second time to make sure I did not miss out any major objects.

After that, the drawing phrase begin. For most of the objects, I draw using pencil tool and color them by using paint bucket tool. I realize that manipulating the color gradient can make the object more attractive. Other than pencil tool, rectangle tool and oval tool come in handy when I was drawing objects such as table and coin. I also used tracing method to draw some complicated objects such as wheelchair. Moreover, deco tool is used to design a table cloth that appears in the video.

After that, I collected backgrounds and subtitles which are done by my group mates and synchronize them with accessories that I have made.

I also involved in 25% of the whole animation. I continue the work from my group mate Jia En. The animation is mostly done by motion tween and also frame-by-frame. Frame-by-frame is useful in making “speaking mouth”. Managing the backgrounds and layers are also important for making a door to open and close.

One remarkable thing to mention is that everything in the animation is hand-drawn. My group and I didn’t use any bitmap graphic in this assignment.

Example of objects that I make:


Before merging with background:

sample accessories

After merging with background:

after merged

Personal Reflection

I think I may not hardworking enough in this assignment. This is because I have to do another assignment from another subject and both assignments are in progress at the same time. I feel pressured and will try to put balanced effort in both assignments. On the other hand, I think I done my part pretty well without seeking much help from group members. Also, I have strengthened my communication skill. I am willing to listen to ideas and comments from group members.

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