Group Project(Individual Report)

Question 1

The characteristics that I need are: –

Phase 1 – Planning

Stage 1 – Developing the concept

  • Ideas can provide the vision, can guide the development process, can be stated as the project objectives and can be obtained from brainstorming.

Stage 2 – Stating the purpose

  • Need to set the goals and objectives to direct the development process and evaluate the outcomes.

Stage 3 – Identifying the target audience

  • To collect information about the potential users, to understand the users’ requirements e.g. Demographics, Lifestyles, Attitudes.

Stage 4 – Need analysis

  • Users have previous experience, current expectation and can provide more ideas and details for development.

Stage 5 – Determining the treatment

  • Influenced by tone, approach, metaphor and emphasis.

Stage 6 – Developing the specifications

  • To fulfill the user requirements, give further instructions, to decide what to include and how does it work.

Stage 7 – Storyboard

  • Hand-drawn sketches to represent what each screen would look like and show how the screens are linked.

Phase 2 – Production

Stage 8 – Developing the content

  • Choose and use the appropriate software for creating and processing the elements.

Stage 9 – Authoring the title

  • Choose and use of the authoring system.

Phase 3 – Testing

Stage 10 – Testing the multimedia application

  • Provide valuable information to enhance the ideas and prevent mistakes.


Question 2

My capabilities and skills with the software used are: –

  1. Designing the background of the entire project with objects, characters, colors and shapes.
  2. Drawing the layout of the scenes such as home, outdoor and office.
  3. Drawing the necessary objects and things to support the realistic layout of each scenes.
  4. Most of the time I used rectangle tool, pencil and oval tool.
  5. Apply as many colors to attract the audience.
  6. 99% of the background, objects and characters are hand-drawn.

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