Group 5 Assignment Report

1.What is your purpose of your development?
To create an animation video based on the video Gift. It’s a story about a father teaching his son the real meaning of being rich. By doing this animation, we can get to learn and understand the concept of animation. We will be able to show out our own skills and what we have all learnt from lab class when doing this animation video.

2.Is your idea derived from an existing theme / content?
The story line is of course based on the existing theme but our ideas of drawings and all will definitely be different. Also, we are planning to change the story line a bit to make the outcome different. Only when it’s different, we would be able to bring out the freshness and show our creativeness. We at first thought of using normal stickman as our characters but one of the members said to use Smurfs because he knows how to draw. So we chose Smurfs as our characters.

3.What are the resources required in developing a multimedia project?
The resources needed in this project is Adobe Flash CS6. We also gathered some information from online to enhance our ideas on this animation video.

4.How will you distribute the final project?
We will separate the animation video into a few parts and the members will choose the part they are good in. Like Alvin, he will be drawing the characters, Wunna will be doing the backgrounds. Then the other two will do the animations. This is how we separate the works. After we have done our own parts, we will combined all the parts together to form one animation video. We will try our best to make sure it works smoothly before presenting our work.

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