Group 3 assignment report

1.What is your purpose of your development?

To produce an inspire and touching story video about the father and his son. Also, we have to take out the sound from the original video “GIFT” in order to reproduce an animation video based on its contents. Moreover, exhorting people to help vulnerable people is also the main purpose of the video. So, we believe that if we put some hardwork on it, a distinctive inspire video will finally emerge.

2.Is your idea derived from an existing theme / content?

Certainly but not all of them. Actually, our content is or can say must to follow the topic which is a video called ‘GIFT’. However, after we watch these video, we decided to bring out/ create our new character design and some of the new schene design. To meets the requirement of the topics, we only take out the sound effect from the video for our task used. We wil try out best bring something different contents of the video in order to produce a unique work.

3.What are the resources required in developing a multimedia project?

Resources in developing a multimedia project is divide into some categories or groups. In this categories comes the interface which lead to user to the information. Designing interface controls is steps where the project are designed. Storyboard also a type of resources in multimedia project. Interface layout is an object where screen save a purposes and communication a visual message about the content to the user. Each of the software that is used for developing the project is resources list such as Adobe flash, Adobe professional and so on

4.How will you distribute the final project?

In order to archive and make sure everyone participate on this group project, everyone has work actively to take more than one portion of the work to do.Below is our group distribution of the project.

Ravinthar Krishnan – modifying sound effect, background design, content planning and assist each others member.

On Jian Ye – character design, background design, content planning and help each others member.

Tan Zhi Xian- accessories design, sound effect, content planning and help others member.

Lim Chi Lieh – accessories design, give advice, content planning and help others member.

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