Group Assignment Report

1.  What is your purpose of your development?

The purpose of development is to use a software called Adobe Flash Professional CS6 to create a 7 minutes long animation video. Furthermore, this project is to let us to prove that how far we can go, our creativity and our skills.

2.  Is your idea derived from an existing theme / content?

In this project, we have watched and understand a video that describe a story about the father and son. Firstly, we have decided to use mushroom as our characters and divide the scene into many parts. Then, we will apply different background images and some tools to follow the theme and content.

3.  What are the resources required in developing a multimedia project?

The main resources that we use to create this animation video is a software called Adobe Flash Professional CS6. We also use online video converter in order to convert the video into mp3 format. Furthermore, we  use some equipment such as laptop, mouse, keyboard and so on. Besides, we also use online resources which is Google chrome in order to do some research from the internet and download some necessary resources such as soundtrack and music.

4.   How will you distribute the final project?

In this project, we have distributed the works into 3 tasks. The first part is one of our member design the character, the second part is for one of our member to design the accessories tools and then the last two members will design the background images or layout and the storyboard according the scene that we divided. After that, we will combine all the designs and finalize it.


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