Group Project Proposal


Title:           Short animation short film


In this project our team will create a short animation video by using Adobe Flash Professional. The topic of our group assignment is more focus on father ‘LOVE’ to son. This short animation video will show the viewer how a father take car on his son future. The requirement of my group assignment project must consists of all tools have been taught by my lecturer Miss.Leow Fui Theng.



  • Background Music

Our animation will have an embedded background music that entertained the viewer. The background music will be paly throughout the video from start to end in background although consists other effect sound.

  • Interactive Interface

The background image have its own theme according to the particular scene. Interactivity will be implemented which involves the viewer to do fell emotional on each scene. It also has animation effects..

  • Control Layout and Control Buttons

Control layout is the layout designed to put all the control buttons into it. We will design the control layout different from each scene. This side also will have play and stop button for viewer to stop the animation and continue other time.

As the control layout holds the control button it will also design accordingly. The buttons will include:

  • Play Button to go start the video of animation.
  • Pause Button to stop the current scene video.
  • Home Button that bring back to the cover page.
  • Music ON/Off Button to on or off the background music.
  • Exit Button to exit or close the video
  • Sound Effect

We also will implement few sound effects for several parts of the content such as the buttons clicked (will give sound) and some animations effect (will have its own sound).





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