Class Activity 3- Task for Group Assignment

1. What is your purpose of your development?

The purpose of this development is to create an animation video that can synchronize with the audio given. By doing this assignment, we can also train ourselves in working together as a team.

2. Is your idea derived from an existing theme / content?

Our idea derived from an existing content which is from the video “GIFT”. We have to use the content from video. Other than that, we did refer to some videos on Youtube and get some idea on the point of view of the animation that we are going to make.

3. What are the resources required in developing a multimedia project?

The resources needed include Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is the main authoring tool that we use to create the animation. Another resource is online file converter, an web-based application that can convert a file format into another file format. On the other hand, Youtube Downloader is also used to download the video.

4. How will you distribute the final project?

We distribute the final project into four tasks: character designing, background designing, accessories making, and finalizing.


Character designing: Lok Jia En

Background designing: Tay Wei Chuan, Lui Kit Soon

Accessories making: Tan Bon Hee

Finalizing: All members


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